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Disney Princess 2yr - Cinderella's Chocolate Mice




Gloria in Cherryville, NC USA


January 2005


Special Mention

Disney Princess 2 yr. My daughter's 2nd Birthday is January 4th and I think I have been planning it since right after the first!

To set the mood with invitions I made them on the computer: Front: Bippity Boppity Boo, Our Princess is Turning 2! (with a picture I found on the internet of a crown and also one I created of the Disney Princesses in a semi circle) Inside: Dainty slippers, a precious face, A special event is taking place! Please join us in celebrating Cierra's 2nd Birthday! The royal celebration shall begin at 4 o'clock in the afternoon on Saturday the 8th of January at the ____ Castle.

I also enclosed a Menu: Witch's Brew (Stew) - which will be homeade vegetable soup and also potato soup Home made chicken salad and home made pimento cheese sandwiches Golden (chicken) nuggets for the kids {Since most probably would not like the soup} Magic Potion punch my aunt is also making "Cinderella's mice" out of Hershey's kisses & chocolate cherries with the stems still attached.

We are having the party at home since we are only having about 16 people with only 3 being children and since it is winter we are having the soup and sandwiches. We are using the Disney Princess Ball partyware.

As everyone arrives they will be greeted with a royal balloon lined path which will lead them to the front door where a banner welcoming them to the ____ Castle will be on the door, where the 2 girls will be given a tiara, lights and sound wand (found at Dollar Tree) and a beaded necklace and bracelet (bought in a set of 3 for $1 total at Family Dollar). The one little boy will be getting a lights and sound sword (found at Wal-Mart for $1) and a crown I found at Party City for .49 cents. A family member will be taking everyone's picture with the birthday girl after they arrive which will be enclosed in their thank you card later.

To keep the kids occupied as they arrive I have bought a small figure out of the craft dept at my local Wal-mart for .47 cents that they can paint (outside if warm enough) and later take home. Once everyone is there and ready we will have our "Royal Feast". Then to get the wiggles out before opening presents we are going to have a scavenger hunt. To make it simple for the 2 yo's I am using the Disney Princess cutouts you can use for centerpieces to mark where there treasure is that I will set up while the kids are eating.

Belle: A special book that I have personally made for each child that will be found on the bookshelf in our hall. {I bought a small memory book that I found in the crafts dept. in Wal-Mart for $1.47 and titled it "Belle's Favorite Tale" along with a picture of Belle. Inside I wrote a story about each child including when & where they were born, hair and eye color, favorite toy, school info., and any siblings they have. (This information was easy for me because the children invited are my 2 best friends children)} Aurora: Hershey's kisses wrapped in tissue paper on the pillow of my daughter's bed. Cinderella: Tulle wrapped Glass slipper filled with M&M's on the front porch step that I bought in a pack at the Dollar Tree.

Snow White: "Poison" Apple in my daughter's playhouse (tiny house...)

Ariel: Seashell w/ sticker of Ariel for the girls and Flounder for the one little boy (We pre planned and brought shells back from our vacation in Oct. but I have seen big pretty ones in Wal-Mart and the Dollar Tree) I have 2 teens that will be there and to keep them from feeling childish but not left out I have made them a bag with a small inkpen that looks like lipstick, lip gloss, and mis. items. Other treatbag items for the little ones is a set of 5 pictures and markers I have found at the Dollar Tree in Disney Princess for the girls and Spider Man for the boy along with the tiara/crown and wand/sword if they have set them down by now.

Since my daughter is only 2 and does not care for opening presents I am going to allow each person to give her their gift and help her unwrap it so that they can go ahead and get thank you hugs too.

Afterwards we will have cake. Because of the small amount of people I am making the cake: 9x13 cake with vanilla icing tinted green with small amount of green sugar crystals to make it sparkle with a chocolate "stone path" leading to a castle that I found in the toy section of Wal-Mart for $4.88 that has accesories with it that she can play with afterwards. I am also going to put the small plastic "toddler" Disney Princess figurines that I purchased online from Toys R Us in front of the castle.

For additional decoration around the house we are using lots of balloons tied in bunches, her Disney Princess dolls and toys she already has, candles on the entertainment center, pink plastic tableclothes. Also for a special touch I am putting her Wicker table and chairs set on a "magic carpet" rug in the living room for the children to sit out that will be decorated just for them. Tip: I kept up with my ideas in a small spiral bound notebook that I carry with me just for things like that.

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