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Dinosaur Party -5yr- Dinosaur Egg Favors




Carolina in Kingwood, TX


Oct 2003


Special Mention

We just celebrated my son's 5th. Birthday Party!  The theme was dinosaurs and we just had a blast planning this party! 

For invitations I drew a baby dinasaour hatching from his egg, all you could see was 2 big eyes, and when you opened the card the dinosaur was out of the egg and the invitation read as follows:  The dinosaurs are back for a prehistoric Birthday bash!  Therefore Sammy invites you to join him and other expert paleontologists for a Birthday Dinosaur Expedition, on Sept. 14th, from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm, at the Moreno’s cave and quarry, located at (address).  You’ll be sure to uncover a dino-mite time of food, fun, magic and games and some dinosaurs too!  Please RSVP to his prehistoric parents @ (phone #).  Sammy is turning 5 that is Colossal, come to the party and dig up a Fossil! Don’t be extinct! I colored copy them and glued them to different color construction paper.  We had 21 kids to invite and entertain, so we rented a moonwalk with a Dinosaur theme and a magician. 

For decorations I copy the design of the paper plates and cups, and drew it in white paper, painted them and then placed them all over the house, we also cut out big leaves and made vines to hang from the ceiling, it looked very cool!!!  For music I got a CD from the library that had jungle sounds, so when the kids walked in, all they could hear were animal sounds and enjoy the decorations. 

For the goodie bags I made paper-mache dinosaur eggs, and made a nest on top of the TV,with green moss and big leaves!, each egg had a dinosaur name for each of the kids, for example, my son’s was Sammysaurus, they thought is was very funny.  I also made coloring books from pages that I got from the internet and in the last page was a note thanking them for coming to the party and the date.  We had balloons in orange, green and yellow, and ribbons hanging also in the same color.  

The table had a green tablecloth, the cake, balloons, a hand painted gelatin that I make, (the theme is painted on the gelatin with food coloring and I also wrote Happy B-day Sammy), plastic dinosaurs glued to the tablecloth and dinosaur confetti scattered all over, plants covering the balloon weights and the back wall had the big dinosaur that I drew, it was an orange T-Rex and it all looked very cute, with the sky and Pteranodon’s flying, mountains with snow on the tip of the mountain, shrubs, leaves, rocks all cut out of paper and taped to the wall. Also a Happy Birthday Sammy sign made out of green construction paper and a different type of dinosaurs between the words which was placed in front of the table with the cake. 

For the back yard y cut out flags and printed dinosaurs with their name and made a very long banner with a flag and a dinosaour, a flag and a dinosaur to decorate the area were the kids were going to be playing the most.  As the kids arrived, I gave then a dinosaur pin that I made out of plaster and a dinosaur Tattoo. 

When they were all here we played a game, a dinosaur egg hunt (some of the parents helped me hide them), there were 106 eggs which I bought after Easter, they were filled with dinosaurs and candy, some were marked with a star, so after we were done, I sat the kids in the living room and asked who got an egg with a star, the kids that raised their hand got a present (the presents I got at the dollar store, they were dinosaur sets, dinosaur books, binoculars, big plastic dinosaurs, and for the little ones baby dinosaur spoon, fork and knife which I found at a local party store), then I asked who didn’t get an egg with a star, and when they raised their hands, they were very surprise to see that they also got a present!  So everybody was happy!  Then the magician came and entertained those kids for 45 minutes, adults and kids were having a great time!  Everybody was laughing!and my son Sammy got to be the star of the show!  He even got his own magic wand! 

After this we went outside to hit the piƱata, a Triceratops that I also made for his party, it was really cute, funky really, he was green with orange and yellow spots in his back.  Everybody got several chances to hit it, and when it finally broke, the kids filled their bags with dinosaur toys and candy which I got from Oriental Trading.com.  Then they went to play in my son’s playground and jump for a while in the moonwalk.  In the meantime we were serving lunch for the adults, chicken salad, ham, and bread with sodas to drink.  The kids had chips, hot dogs and lava juice. 

Then came the cake, which was decorated with dinosaurs and a volcano with lava pouring out of the top! They ate the cake, the gelatin and a flan that everybody loves!!  After this the kids still wanted to go jump on the moonwalk and play in the playground!!! Nobody wanted to leave the party!!!

When it was time for them to go, I gave them their goodie-eggs, the coloring book and for the adults I bought Hershey’s chocolates and printed a cover that on the front said Happy 5th  Birthday Sammy and had 3 dinosaurs, and in the back said:  No bones about it, we were diggin’ Sammy’s party, thank you for coming to celebrate my 5th. B-day! And had pictures of bones, balloons and dinosaurs.  The adults loved it!

After everybody left we opened all his presents, and in the following days we sent out the Thank you cards, which I made with a very cute picture of a dancing dinosaur that I found on the web, it said Thanks!, so I printed 21 of them and glued them to different colors of construction paper.  Sammy signed his name in everyone of them,  we also included a picture of Sammy’s 5th birthday were he was wearing a dinosaur shirt.  This has been the best party we have ever celebrated, my son had so much fun, and so did everybody else!  It was for sure a VERY SPECIAL DAY!! 

I also want to give thanks to all the other mom's that have posted their ideas on this site, because they were very helpful, you all helped me to have dino-mite party that will never be forgotten, specially by my son! Thank You!

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