Dinosaur Paleontologist Party

Dino Dig Party -4yr- Dinosaur Decorateed T-Shirts




Mary in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, USA


July 2002


Honorable Mention

For my sons 4th Birthday we did a "Dino Dig" theme.

The invitations were made on colored construction paper painted with Dinosaurs from Dinosaur Sponges (I bought at Michael's)  On the day of the party, I decorated the mailbox with Green and Purple Balloons, a stuffed Dinosaur, and a sign DINO TOTS HERE.  The House was decorated in a Dinosaur Theme with Plastic Grass and Plastic Dinosaurs. 

The first activity was a Dinosaur Egg Hunt (I got the eggs from Oriental trading Company) Baby Dinosaur Eggs.  They were Plastic Eggs that had small baby dinosaurs insideI hid them all over the house.  They had to collect them in Ice Cream Buckets that we had covered with Construction Paper and put dinosaur "Tracks" on them.  They spent 30 minutes collecting their eggs and looking at their "babies." 

Second activity was a Dino Dig in our Sand Box.  I had purchased Dinosaur Skeletons and buried them in the Sand Box.  They had a blast digging out the dinosaur bones to add to their buckets. 

Third activity was a archeologists Dig I had purchased a giant dino dig kit that had 24 dinosaurs in it, complete with little hammers and dig glasses.  The kids spent another 30 minutes digging out their dinosaurs from the "rock".   

We also used the sponges we had made the invitations to decorate T-shirts.  They got to bring them home along with all their bucket of dinsaurs, dino eggs, and archeologist Kit (glasses) they collected.  The parents liked that much better than candy.  

Lunch was Dinosaur shaped sandwiches, dino fruit snacks, Dino shaped Graham Crackers and green apple sauce)  (I made the sandwiches from green bread that I had asked the bakery to make for me..I used dinosaur shaped cookie butters to cut out the shapes.)  I made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.     

We had a Dinosaur cake decorated with Plastic Dinosaurs and a "Volcano" made from a half sized Ice Cream cone and decorated in Brown Frosting and red icing to make it looked like it had erupted Marble looking jelly beans were used as dinosaur "eggs" and placed in a nest of Coconut.   

Vanilla Ice Cream Cups were also served I put dinosaur sprinkles on the table so the kids could decorate their ice cream.  Last was presents.  I took a picture of each child with my son and sent Thank You notes with a copy of the picture on handmade dino printed paper. 

It was a great party and as one the parents mentioned.

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