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Diva Dance Party -8yr- Make Lip Gloss Kit




mindy in silver spring, md usa


March 2004


Honorable Mention

Diva Dance Party - 8yr old girls: Our theme was music and our decor was funky - all hot pink, black and zebra print.  Tables we covered with hot pink table clothes, zebra wrapping paper for table runners, and hot pink, black & zebra ballon centerpieces.

Our invitations were CDR's we recorded with 5 of my daughters favorite dance songs.  We used a printing template to make custom CD labels and jewel case inserts and sent them in gold bubble mailers, all available from local business supply store.  The jewel case inserts gave instruction for the kids to listen to and become familiar with the music on the CD. The CD label itself had all the party particulars- time, date, place. 

We built a "dance stage" using a couple of sheets of plywood which we painted black for the floor, foam board and tinsel curtain for the back drop, a pillar kit from Stumps which we covered with zebra wrapping paper. We added a sign above the pillars that read- "DIVA DANCE PARTY". We flanked the stage with more of the pink, black and zebra balloons- it looked really great!

When each of the girls arrived, there was a bag with their name on it which contained their dance outfit- which I purchased from the local dollar store (you could also make T-shirts).  We turned the spare bedroom into the "star's dressing room" using more zebra paper on the door and of course, a gold star. 

After their clothing change- it was time for make-up & hair.  I bought neon colored hair extensions from Oriental trading and gave each of the girls a quick up-do with brightly colored hair.  We applied glitter make-up to the eyes & lips.  We then applied belly-button tattoos, also from Oriental Trading. 

They next made their own lip gloss, a craft kit from Oriental Trading.  I then divided the girls into groups of four, sent them each to different rooms of the house with boomboxes and music, gave them each their song assignment and 30 minutes to come-up with a dance routine.  They came back and performed their dances for the group, which we vidoetaped.  Their dances were really great! 

The stage doubled as a backdrop for pictures.  After clothing, hair and make-up, each girl posed for a "glamour shot" and received it in acrylic picture frames (from the dollar store) we made to mirror the goody bags.

Goody bags were cute- plain hot pink handle bags from the craft store with each girl's initial cut out of zebra paper and glued to the bag, then I glued a strip of maribou to the top of the bag. The contents we easy- poprocks, chocolate lips, body glitter, toe rings, body jewels (all Oriental Trading), & the lip gloss they made. 

After the girls performed, we put their video taped perfomance on the television, gave them pizza and they thoroughly enjoyed watching themselves as stars.  In fact, the party lasted an hour longer than I intended, because moms picking-up their girls kept asking for the tape to be rewound so they could watch it too. 

Later we added my daughter's acceptence speech for winning the award for "Best Diva Dance Party Production" to the beginning of the dance tape.  She thanked all the people who made the production possible- naming each girl who performed, and we sent the tapes to each of the girls as their "thank you notes".  Needless to say, the "thank you notes" were very well received.

Overall, the party was a great success- one the girls still talk about several months later.  The moms tell me the girls are still listening to their CD invitations all the time and the families are all still enjoying the video. It was great fun!

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