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Cupcake Party - 1yr - Cute as a Cupcake




Shara in Yoakum, TX USA


October 2008


Honorable Mention

For my daughter's first birthday, I decided on a cupcake-themed party. 

Invitations:  I found some adorable invitations by San Lori on www.announcingit.com.  The invites were brown, pink, and hot pink.  There was a small round card with a cute cupcake picture on it.  A pink ribbon tied to the round card and the card was affixed above the wording on the invitation. The wording I used was Cute as a cupcake and so much fun, our little cupcake is turning one!  - - - - - 's 1st Birthday then I went on to say the details. 

Decorations:  After finding the invitations, I decided to go with that color scheme brown, pink and hot pink.  I found a grouping of balloons on eBay that matched perfectly (1 big mylar cupcake balloon, 2 round mylar balloons with a cupcake picture, 6 brown latex balloons and 6 pink latex balloons, pink and brown ribbon to use also). 

On the cake table, I used a pink tablecloth, brown cake plates, and pink and brown striped napkins (found at a party store).  I had painted flower pots brown and added pink and hot pink polka dots on them to use as the holders(with styrofoam placed inside pot) for the cupcake pops(discussed below).   

Food:  Since there were so many people attending, I decided to stick to the basics for the meal.  We had hot dogs, chili, chips, dip, and fruit and vegetable trays.   

Cake:  For the cake, I found a Wilton 3-D cupcake cake pan that I wanted to use.  After seeing it, I realized it was way too small to use as the only cake.  What I ended up doing was creating a three-tier cake display.  I had 4 dozen cupcakes, some iced with brown, others with pink and the rest with hot pink.  I placed those cupcakes on the bottom two tiers, keeping the top tier for the cupcake cake. 

The 3-D cake was decorated with pink and hot pink stripes on the base with the top of that cake having brown icing with pink polka dots on it.  It turned out very cute.  I also decided to make cupcake pops (instructions found on bakerella.blogspot.com).  I made the bottom be brown and the top pink.  I then added brown sprinkles and topped it with a pink M&M.  I wrapped each pop with cellophane and tied them with brown and pink ribbon.  I placed them in the flower pots which I mentioned above.  The cupcake pops are very good plus they are cute to decorate with. 

Favors:  I had wanted to try and find a cupcake pinata that matched the colors I was using, but just couldn't.  I decided to use a pink and hot pink #1 pinata which I found on www.birthdayexpress.com.  It turned out to work great and match the colors perfectly.  I filled it with candy and numerous toys (found at hobby lobby and dollar stores).  I decorated hot pink lunch sacks (found at Wal-Mart) with each child's name on it.  That is what they used for the pinata treats. 

I also sent each child home with a cupcake pop and cupcake bite (also from bakerella.blogspot.com).  I found little pink treat boxes at Hobby Lobby and those worked perfectly to place a cupcake bite in.  I wrapped each box with a brown ribbon.  My daughter was so cute at the party.  I had gotten her something cupcake-related to wear during it.  I found a hot pink shirt and found some pink and brown fabric.  I took it to a local embroidery store and they used the fabric to create a cupcake applique on the shirt.  Under the cupcake I put her name (in brown).  She wore that with some brown crop pants.  It was absolutely adorable. 

All in all the party was great.  I couldn't have found a better theme for my daughter's first birthday.

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