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Cupcake Wars Party 12yr




Beth in Placentia, CA USA


August 2012


Special Mention

My daughter turned 12 this year and is enamored with the Cupcake Wars show. We did an afternoon party, so the cupcakes served as our dessert + drinks.

INVITATIONS: We purchased cupcake invites/party goods at Target. I purchased various dollar item prizes for different category winners. We made simple boxed cake mix cupcakes in white and chocolate cakes, but with various colorful cupcake papers. I also made a large batch of the mini cupcakes for stacking if they desired. I borrowed some cupcake stands from a friend, so they were displayed as the girls came in.

DECORATIONS: We covered all of our tables/surfaces with hot pink throw away plastic tablecloths. A friend loaned me several cake decorating tools and bags, but quart size freezer bags cut at a corner work great for frosting decorating bags. On our kitchen island, along with the cupcakes and decorating tools, we had every candy/topping imaginable- white and green dyed coconut,  gummy worms/bears, sports candy, jelly beans, smarties, fruit by the foot, licorice, gum drops, pretzel sticks, ground and whole graham crackers, etc, etc. The girls had fun snacking on some of it as they decorated. We put all the items in cupcake pans to separate them.

Once everyone arrived, we had everyone write their name on a recipe card and put it in a large mixing bowl. We mixed" them in the bowl above my daughter's head and then she pulled their cards randomly to form 3 teams of 4 girls. Each team received matching cupcake pins I made from cardstock and cupcake stickers + adhesive pin backs and matching aprons (super easy to make). Each team was a different color. Each team had their own work area screened from the other teams so they could not see what the other teams were working on. We then gave them paper and pencil to sketch out their ideas once they knew the theme. We told them they would have 10 minutes to sketch out their ideas and then each team would need a designated person to pick up cupcakes frosting toppings and tools (1 girl for each). I had 3 store bought frosting tubs per team and food coloring available so they could make several colors as needed.I surprised them with the theme of "Seasons". I figured that covered a lot- the actual 4 seasons different holidays that fall in each season etc. They had 10 minutes to pick their items. They had 1 hour to decorate 4 cupcakes per team. I couldn't believe how creative they were! We had snowmen waterslides beach scene with a gumdrop and pretzel stick umbrella flowers fireworks fall leaves pumpkins you name it! Sooo cute and they were really proud of their work!

I had a very good friend of mine who the girls all know (who is a fabulous cook and only has boys and was dying to attend a girl party!) serve as the cupcake judge. We had all sorts of categories so there was a lot of winning by everyone- Best overall team representing the theme best fall winter spring summer cupcake best use of color most creative etc. etc. The judge went around and asked each girl about her cupcake and what she was trying to create and how she felt she represented the theme. It made it seem "official" in a fun way. We then started reading off the winning cupcakes and I had a giant mixing bowl full of the dollar prizes and the girls picked as they won.

GOODY BAGS/THANK YOU NOTES: I took a picture of each girl with her cupcake and my daughter and included that with her thank you notes along with a small goody bag she and I made that contained a couple of baking/cupcake items and cupcake picture frames I found at Target for $1. Michael's craft store and Walmart were great finds for the baking/other cupcake items. By the time we did all of that the girls mostly chose not to eat their "masterpieces" but rather frost the unused cupcakes with all the leftover toppings and frosting! That was also fun! My daughter then opened presents as parents arrived. The clean-up was really rather easy- I had all the "gooey" items soaking and the tablecloths were rolled up and tossed.  My daughter was very happy with party and the girls had a great time too! Hope this helps any other cupcake lovers!!!"

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