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Cupcake Decorating - 8yr - Personalized Aprons




Maria in League City, TX, USA


March 2010


Honorable Mention

For my daughter's 8th birthday party, we had a Purplicious Cupcake & Apron Decorating Party. 

We went with a lavendar color scheme to tie everything together.  I purchased $2 aprons from Hobby Lobby and colored them with Purple RIT dye. They came out a nice lavendar color. You could also twist and rubber band them for a Tye-Dye affect. I bought Fabric Markers so that the girls could each decorate their own apron. I found that the wider markers showed up best on the aprons.

Decorating their own apron was the 1st party activity. After a couple of holidays (prior to the party), I purchased a lot of various cupcake decorating items at after holiday prices. Even though they sell the same colors year-round, they mark them down just like other holiday items. So, I had lots of green, red, pink, purple, white & black sprinkles, food writers and even icing flowers.  I also used some chocolate chips, mint and cherry chips too. I had pre-iced cupcakes and put them out on two large cupcake stands, so the girls just had to decorate.

Decorating the cupcakes was the 2nd activity (using their aprons, of course). I did have new hair elastics for each girl to put their hair up while decorating their cupcakes. I had cupcake take-home boxes for them to take some of their cupcakes home.

I decorated the party areas with purple ribbons hanging down from light fixtures and fans w/ silver ornament balls from my Christmas decorations. I also pulled out some other silver & mirrored holiday decorations. I used Lavender table cover wrap for all tables (apron & cupcake decorating tables). I also used clear, square plastic plates and flatware, with lavendar and silver napkins.  The silver really made it look grown-up. I even had a purple metallic christmas tree w/ purple lights and cupcake ornaments on it.

The 3rd activity was a Fashion Show. I played music while each girl walked down the runway in their apron, holding their favorite cupcake and I took a picture.

The 4th activity was opening presents. I had 2 chairs up front one for my daughter and one for the girl whose present she was opening at the time. After she opened each gift, I took a picture of both of them w/ the gift. This made great pix to include w/ thank-you's and helped us remember who gave her what for the thank-you cards.

The 5th/final activity was a Candy Bar with various silver, white and purple candies. I had bags for them to fill up with their favorites. So, each girl took home their own apron, box(es) of cupcakes and a bag of candy. As each parent dropped their daughter off, I had a Sign-In" sheet for them to list their emergency # & E-mail address. 

After the party I e-mailed pictures that had their child in them."

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