Cowboy Western Party

Cowboy Party -1yr- GunSlinger Target Game




Monique in El Paso, Tx, USA


August 2009


Honorable Mention

To start I took pictures of my son on his rocking horse with his cowboy get-up (cowboy hat, bandanna & boots included) then on Microsoft word I used some clip art on the first page of the invitation at the top I used a clip art that read You're wanted for a party" then underneath I placed 2 pictures that I had taken of my son and edited in sepia.At the bottom I wrote "calling all cowboys and cowgirls!!" 

The second page read  SADDLE UP  and come have some fun our lil buckaroo _____ IS TURNING ONE!!!!   YEEHAW! YALL COME AND JOIN US ROUNDUP IS AT  THE _____ RANCH *the address  2009 Mosey on down round 2 p.m Don't forget to wear your best cowboy duds! If you can't make it give us a holler at _____ so we can send the sheriff after you! Then I printed the 2 pages on an ivory colored paper tore the edges and burnt them rolled them up and tied with twine next hand delivered to our guests. 

Now for the fun part We painted large appliance boxes (different sizes and shapes) like an old western town including a jail a hotel and used a table for the "supplies" and put a sign that read "Trader Jakes Trading Post" above to complete our western town.

Inside the house we had the island in the kitchen set up like a Saloon with the sign and beverages also a poker table for the adults. Outside we had tables with red and white checkered tablecloths and star balloon weights with cowboy themed red and blue balloons (Oriental Trading) Also I purchased some cute bandanna print food trays and put candied popcorn on each table.

For activities we had panning for gold (a baby pool filled with stones I bought and spray painted gold sand and water)kids pan for gold with pie tins with holes punched in them and later trade in gold nuggets at the trading post for "supplies."

Gunslinger (rubber dart rifles and spray painted cola cans.) We had a coloring station with western printouts. Pin the tail on the donkey. A Cowboy Pinata Jumping Balloon (toy story) Carousel (I printed out some cute old fashioned tickets to take a ride off of the internet) Bobbing for apples. Horseshoes and stick pony races. I made a point to give out different prizes for all activities to ensure everyone got something at the end of the party.

We had country music playing and some cute c.d's I purchased at dollar tree tent & camp sing-a longs. I printed out different signage and glued to cardboard for around the outside and inside of the house made a sign for the entry way with faux wood pillars on each side that read _____ Ranch" with horseshoe deco on it.I placed hay for decoration and extra seating all around and purchased a lot of cute wagon wheels and signage from party stores and oriental trading.

For the goodie bags I purchased farm bags that were just too cute I placed a farm blowout kazoo sheriffs badge nostalgic candies and other little toys. When the kids first walked in we gave them a bandanna a stick pony and a plastic cowboy hat and had a face painter for mustaches and different designs.

For the food we made hamburgers hot dogsBBQ brisket (for the adults) potato salad baked beans and corn on the cob we also had hot rolls and corn bread.

For drinks we had iced tea juice boxes for the kidslemonade and rootbeer (later on we had rootbeer floats)and a smores roasting station (I purchased skewers from target).

I made a cupcake tower and had funfetti cupcakes and a chocolate cake at the top for my sons own first birthday cake. On the side we had a strawberry cake designed in the shape of a sheriffs badge and a terracotta pot filled with a western sugar cookie bouquet.Also Neapolitan ice cream.

This is my sons  first birthday party so I went all out I put a lot of work and time into it but it was so worth it.THANKS FOR READING AND I LOOK FORWARD TO MANY MORE PARTY PLANNING IDEAS OFF OF THIS SITE.               "

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