Cookie Decorating Party

Baking Party - 6yr - Chef's Hat & Apron




Gina in Burlington, NJ USA


April 2001


Honorable Mention

For my daughter's 6th birthday, she wanted to have a baking party. 

For the invitations we made sugar cookies on sticks and my daughter decorated them.  I wrapped them in colored cellophane and ribbons.  On the back of them we attached the actual invitation that was done on recipe cards that said: Recipe for: a 6th birthday party, where it said from the "kitchen of" I put my daughter's name.  On the other side of the recipe card we wrote the sugar cookie recipe.  We then hand delivered the invitations. 

The week before the party my daughter and I decorated aprons for all the girls to wear.  We painted each girl's name on an apron and then stamp decorated them with balloons, party hats, ice cream cones, cupcakes etc.  We also made chef hats out of tissue paper.  It was very easy and they looked absolutely adorable.

When the guests arrived they each got their own apron and chef hat and I took their picture in front of the oven.  The first thing they made were pizzas on English muffins, they topped it with cheese and pepperoni. 

They each got to decorate their own cake (that I made the day before and put in the freezer to make for easier decorating).  I bought different kinds of frosting and icing and let them have fun doing whatever they wanted to their own cake. I had bought small spatulas at the dollar store for them to use.

When they were done I wrapped the cakes up and put them in a bakers cake box that I got at a bakery shop for them to take home. 

After some games of pin the cherry on the ice cream cone and the pizza box shuffle ( tape a pizza box closed, cut a hole in the middle, put your feet inside the hole and shuffle across the floor. The first team that finishes without falling too many times wins!) and some good ole dancing to Brittney Spears it was time for cake and make your own ice-cream sundae. 

The girls got to take home their aprons, hats, the cake that they decorated and the small spatula.  From start to finish this was really a fun party.  I thought I would be stressed having 10 six year olds in my kitchen but it really went smoothly and the girls had a blast.  My 3 year old now wants to bake at her next party too!

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