Construction Party

Construction Pals Party -1yr- Lunch In Trucks




Stephanie in Crystal Springs, Mississippi, USA


January 2009


Honorable Mention

INVITATION - I made a photo invite on photoshop with pictures of my son I had taken a few days before. He was dressed in bluejeans, boots, white tshirt and a orange hunting(safety) vest with a yellow hard hat on. He had gotten a Construction truck ride on for Christmas so he was sitting on that. It had a yellow background and black writing.

The invite said: Let's Dig up some fun Braxton is turning 1 !!! Forman: Braxton Miller; Project Date: May 3, 2008; Clock In: 11:00; Clock out: When job is finished; Job Site: Braxton's House and the address; Directions: listed our phone number. I put 2 of the pictures of him on there, a clipart of a dozer and then the party details. I made it a 5x7 and had them printed as 5x7 photos at Walgreens for like 54 cents a piece. 

DECORATIONS - We covered the table inside with a yellow table cloth and put various construction vehicles around the table. I bought Construction Pals 1st birthday themed napkins, cups and plates for the kids and just plain yellow for the adults. I put his cake in the middle of the table and the theme cups and plates around it. i bought a 3D dump truck from Birthday Express to match the theme and placed the napkins in the back of it.

I bought orange safety cones and lined the drive way and had yellow and orange streamers everywhere. I also made saftey signs out of poster board and hung on the wall. I had Construction DO not enter tape (bday express) and hung on his highchair and on the walls along with a construction mylar balloon from bday express as well. 

ACTIVITIES- We built a sand box, one of his presents, and gave the children orange sand buckets and yellow shovels(dollar store) when they arrived and just let them play in the sandbox since he was too young to really play games. We then opened presents and let him dig into his cake while everyone watched. 

GAMES- We let the children play in the sand box with their buckets, shovels, construction vehicles and sand toys we had placed in there. I taped off the sandbox area with the Caution tape and placed orange soccer cones around it as well.

COSTUMES- We gave each child when they arrived an orange safety (hunting) vest I found on sale at Wingsupply for 1.00 a piece a bucket, a shovel, and a orange safety cone hat(birthday express)

PARTY SNACKS- We served fix your own sub sandwitches. I had several dump trucks at home and my friends let me borrow a few of theres. I put the turkey and ham in the back of one of the dump trucks, the lettuce, tomato and onions in one and the buns in another. I had play hard hats unside down with animal crackers in one and chips in another. In one of the dump trucks I made dirt" pudding with the crumbled oreo's on top and stucky gummy worms coming out and we served it with a sand shovel. I went ahead and made the kids there lunches and put them in brown lunch bags with there name written on them in black marker and included a squeeze a bun a mini hot dog and snack bag of chips.

CAKE- I made 3 cakes acutally. I made the birthday boy a 3D construction yellow hard hat and on the name plate place I wrote Braxton and put a #1 candle in it. I also made a 3D orange safety cone but just used it as decoration.

For the big cake I made cupcakes and placed them tightly together and smeared green icing over the top. I then got blue icing and made a pond area and brown icing and made a road across the cake. I then placed matchbox construction cars on the roads and digging the pond with construction signs that came with the matchbox cars. I crushed up oreos in some places to make it look like piled up dirt and placed rasinetts in the back of the dumptruck to make it look like big rocks.

FAVORS. I gave out Construction Pals favor boxes filled with bubbles Construction Pals stickers a dump truck book I got at the dollar store Construction Pals tattoos and a orange safety cone sippy with straw and they got to take home there sand buckets shovels and their safety vest.   He had a blast and everyone loved the decorations and how I used the theme through out everything including his sandbox present. We had the party at 2:00 which is nap time so he wasn't very thrilled throughout the whole process but he had a blast!! "

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