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Sandi in Florida, USA


September 2001


September 2001 Winner

Devin's Birthday Party  My husband and I had a blast planning our son's 4th birthday party.  Devin had many ideas of what the \*perfect party\* should include, so we searched on line and used ideas of our own.  I am incredibly excited to share our day for those looking to have a construction party as well.  I know this is lengthy, but I am so excited to share!  For starters I made homemade invites out of orange paper, and put black construction stripes down the sides. 

The invites read:  Front: CONSTRUCTION PARTY Foreman Devin is turning four, Which means there's lots of work in store. The party's at the Gray Construction Site, Sunday, August 26th will be dynamite. Your shift begins at noon and lasts until two, You'll get messy, there's tons of work to do!  Back: Foreman Devin's 4th birthday party Sunday, August 26th from 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM Grub will be provided during your lunch break, so show up hungry!  Each busy worker will be making a craft, so dress to paint.  Toolboxes will be signed out upon arrival for your shift, as well as other surprises for everyone to enjoy!  Please call and let us know how many little construction workers to expect from each family! 

Our party day started by dressing my son ready to work in a bright yellow shirt, brown boots and shorts.  This really made our pictures cute and cheery!  Keeping the theme I wore overalls, a red shirt and brown boots.  A great item I bought was a half apron to wear.  It was perfect for holding scissors, our cameras, and black markers for quick access during the party. 

For decorations, we blocked in our carport with orange construction fencing, which worked wonderfully for keeping our little workers from wondering.  We wrapped yellow construction tape over trees, posts, walls, and furniture.  We hung orange, yellow and blue balloons and streamers everywhere. 

From our dining room chandelier, we hung a bundle of balloons, as well as matching curling ribbon.  I also used the curling ribbon to make curl scraps and set them all over the tables, along with cut up orange and yellow paper for confetti.  I put silverware in the bed of my son's dump truck and parked it on the cake table, which I draped some bright yellow fabric over. 

For party favors, I found yellow plastic boxes at the $1 store.  I made nametags for the boxes and filled them with construction goodies; plastic hammers, screwdrivers, tiny measuring tape, a Bob the Builder whistle and napkin.  The boxes were set around the table with the party construction hats.  Home Depot gave me work aprons for each child, which added the perfect touch! 

Our lunch break consisted of Subway sandwiches and an apple.  Lemonade was served from an orange construction cooler.  We used bright yellow napkins, and Bob the Builder cups and plates.  Our beautiful construction cake was topped with toy construction vehicles, cookie crumbs for dirt, and orange cone candles. 

The piƱata was of Bob the Builder and my son decorated the bat with scraps of streamers glued to it.  I used paper bags with matching nametags for pinata bags.  For work, each child was given a homemade picture frame to paint.  We took group picture with everyone dressed in his or her construction gear to put inside the frames.  They were so cute! 

For thank you cards, I stenciled THANK YOU, on paper with construction lines on either side.  I used pictures from our digital camera of each child during the party and added those to the front.  Inside I thanked everyone for sharing our special day.  The paint for the frames hadn't dried during the party so I had to hand deliver them.  I made copies of the group picture, mounted them to orange paper, and then mounted them to the frames. 

We had a wonderfully busy party with our 13-kid construction crew.  It took a lot of shopping and creativity to keep our party inexpensive and fun.  From invitations to sending the kids out the door, our little construction workers where busy and excited!

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