Christmas Birthday

Christmas Party -6yr- Snowy House Cake




Premali in Sri Lanka


January 2006



My daughter is born on Christmas day. So we had a christmas party on the 23rd.

I made each card by hand. The card was green with a santa holding a bag and a list. The bag had a verse- "while he's making his list and checking it twice, we think a Christmas party sounds really nice-so come join us celebrate XXX's 6th birthday" and then the details followed. Santa was holding the list with the other hand and the list had all the names of the kids (35 of them) and the name of the one being invited highlighed on each card.

The decorations were all christmassy. I made huge cut outs of Mr and Mrs Frosty all decorated with coloured foil and reindeer and the santa slege...plus I decorated the whole car port with red and green balloons with white, silver and gold snowflakes hanging at different levels.

Of course there was a Christmas tree - Santa came just before cutting the cake and gave little gifts to all the kids and sang happy birthday to the birthday girl.

The cake was a house (like a swiss chalet) with icicles hanging off the eaves and Santa going in to the house with a sack of toys, down the chimney. The cake was on a 3 foot square board so the surrounding the house I put marshmallow as snow and had christmas trees and snowmen all made of icing on the marshmallow snow. There was a path leading up to the house where I put the 6 candles as the light to the house..so when it was lit it looked really nice.

The loot bags were all made of cloth as the kids have to take a cloth bag to school for their crayons and pencils. I made draw string bags out of christmassy prints and wrote each childs name with glitter paint on a pocket on the bag. Inside I put a container for pencils also home made with christmassy material and a book and a pen I found that said merry christmas. They each got a santa tree ornament as well.

For games I had pin the nose on Rudolph and passing a parcel and had a bouncy castle as well.

We sang christmas carols but that was towards the end and only a few kids were left.

There were lots of food as with the 27 kids that turned up we had about 40 adults as well.

Everyone is still talking about the party and especially about the loot bags as they didn't have to make one for their kids when school started this year.

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