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Wild Thornberrys Party -5yr- Safari Adventure




Sandra in Virginia


July 2003


Honorable Mention

Dora/Wild Thornberry party for twins(5 years old) I knew the day would come that my girls would want two different themes and it hit this year.  So I had to combine the two into one party for both of them. What I did was a Wild Tannerberry adventure party and used Dora and the Wild Thornberrys together. 

I bought both Dora and Wild Thornberry party supplies and used purple as the main color to decorate with.  The invitations were printed off of the computer with pics of Dora and Eliza for the border inviting them to the Party room for a Wild Tannerberry adventure.  The party room was decorated with inflatable wild animals hanging from the ceiling from Oriental trading. Inflatable Palm trees. Helium balloons with streamers that hung down to make it look like a jungle. Pictures of Dora, Boots and the gang hanging around as well as pictures of Eliza, Debbie, and their gang hanging around.  There was a big play structure in the room with slides. 

One side I blew up pastel colored punch balls(Ice cream mountain). The other side had a blue table cloth on the floor with blue balloons everywhere and a bubble machine near by(bubbling brook). As the guests arrived they were each given a paper plate that I had cut into a "snake" to color. The snake was given to them as one of the party favors.  After everyone got there we made our own animals so that we could talk to them like Eliza talks to animals(kits from Oriental trading)for them to take home.  The pizza was cooking and as they finished the crafts up the pizza was served.  After dinner we did the Dora part which was to find the ice cream to go with the cakes. 

So first we whipped out our maps that were under the plates on the table to find where we had to go.  First was the viney forest which was green helium balloons with long green streamers as they passed through they picked up stuffed animals in the forest(from dollar tree). Next was the bubbling brook...they walked through the play structure and slid down the slide into the blue balloons, bubbles were blowing everywhere and they found bubble gum under the balloons in the bubbling brook. 

Next we had to slide down Ice Cream Mountain to get the ice cream...they slid down into the punch balls and everybody got one to take home. Then we sang WE DID IT...and I gave out We did it certificates while the "Safari" Icecream was passed around.  A scoop of Ice cream in a cup with the cone on top(safari hat) and M&M's for eyes.  Each of the girls had her own cake decorated in their favorite colors one had Dora play figures on top and the other had Wild Thornberry play figures on top. 

After we ate the cake and Ice cream we played pass the Eliza doll to the Wild Thornberry tunes. When the music  stopped that child got up got the gift they brought and gave it to the Birthday girls...they had their pictures taken with them(for the thank you notes) and then were given a cookie with edible markers to go sit down and color until everyone had given the girls their gifts. 

Then it was time for the Dora pinata..they were given their goodie bags(that had adventure packs and flashlights from Target 75% off sale last year)to put their loot in…there was some lose candy and prizes but I also stuffed Dora Goodie bags with tokens to play the games. Everyone went and played games and then went home. 

The party was a success and everyone had a great time.

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