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Teen Titans Go -7yr- Creative Themed Food




Lynnea in Syracuse NY


June 2015


Special Mention

My kids have recently discovered Teen Titans Go so naturally when my son turned 7 this was the theme he chose. I was greatly surprised when looking for ideas and party supplies to find there was pretty much nothing out there! And any place that did have something was sold out. So I had to get creative. The most creativity came with all the foods we had as you will see below.     INVITATIONS: For these I did a facebook invite with an invitation I created using purpletrail.com. I was able to completely customize an invitation with the teen titans characters then save the image and share it on the facebook evite.   

DECORATIONS: Since people wanted $22 for a plastic table cloth with the TTG theme on it, and since I wasn't willing to pay that, we went with just solid color table cloths from the dollar store. We got all the colors that corresponded with the theme. (Green ,Red, Yellow, Pink..etc) I did the same thing with the plates, napkins, silverware, etc. We also had streamers and balloons of the same colors.    

ACTIVITIES/GAMES: One of the episodes on TTG is called meatball party" so I bought frozen meatballs cooked them in sauce. Then I took cupcake wrappers and placed a sticker inside. Then I put the meatball inside the cupcake wrapper (covering the sticker) and stuck a toothpick in it. I had a total of 24 meatballs.. And with 16 kids I did a total of 4 with stickers in them. We lined up the 24 meatballs on a table. We mixed them up so that the ones with stickers were spread out. Then 1 at a time the kids came up and chose a meatball they had to eat the meatball to reveal if the sticker was underneath it. If it was one of the 4 with a sticker they won a prize from the prize bucket! (Think of this as equivalent to the duck game they play at the fair) Once all 4 stickers had been found they game was over. You can choose how many to make with stickers based on how many kids you have. Again for 16 kids I choose to have 4 winners.    

Another activity we did was a Pinata. I went to Etsy.com and found someone to make a Pinata in the shape of the Teen Titans Tower. (Which is simply the letter "T") they decorated it in the colors of the tower. It was perfect! We filled it with candy and small goodies. Each kid received an empty "party box" I got from Party City to fill up with Pinata goodies after it burst. This was their "favor". The party boxes were Green Red Pink and Black. I printed out digital cupcake toppers (round) of the characters that matched the colors of the boxes and then glued them on to the boxes just to give it a little more depth to the theme. The characters I printed went as followed  Green Box: Beast Boy  Red Box: Robin  Pink Box: Star Fire  Black Box: Cyborg     

SNACKS/FOOD : Another episode is called Burgers Vs Burritos so for the main food we had a Burrito Bar on one side of the table and I did burger sliders on the other side of the table. I also had foods that were named after a character. See Below   

STAR FIRE Punch: A punch made with Vanilla ice cream 7up and Raspberry lemonade. I froze real blueberries and raspberries and added them to the punch to give it flavor and also make it look pretty =)  

BEAST BOY'S Vegan Bounty: Since Beast boy is green and everything he turns into is green I did a veggie tray using ONLY green veggies (cucumbers broccoli green peppers and celery) and of course ranch dip   

CYBORG'S Spare Cables: What's a robot without his colorful cables?? So I got the colorful Twizzlers pull and peel candy and cut them up to look like Cable wires placed them in a bowl for people to snack on.   

RAVEN'S Hell-uva good Dip: Since Raven is portrayed as the "dark" character with the devil dad.. It was only natural to assign her the HELL-uva good dip. Simply chips and dip snack.   

TRIGON'S Eggs: Trigon is Ravens "devil" dad so of course these were deviled eggs.    

SILKY'S Mac Salad: Silky is the pet to Star Fire and is shaped much like a slinky. So I used Rotini Pasta and made a macaroni salad to go with the burgers and burritos   

ROBIN'S Side Kick Salad: A Simple Tossed Salad     

CAKE: I had a friend of ours who makes cupcakes make pull-apart cupcakes in the shape of the TEEN TITANS tower. She colored and decorated it to look just like the tower it was fantastic.    

So in the end even though we weren't able to find a lot of things in stores or online we ended up with a GREAT themed party that everyone enjoyed especially my son!"

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