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Wow Wow Wubbzy -4yr- Pin Tail on Wubbzy




Morgyn in Canberra, ACT, Australia


December 2007


Honorable Mention

Today was my little brother's 4th birthday party, and the preparations have been going on for months. We decided long ago to have a wow wow wubbzy theme (a small yellow cartoon character) and while there were ideas on the Nickelodeon website we came up with a few of our own too. Firstly we printed invitations off of the website and sent them to a select few. All the decorations (balloons, streamers as well as serviettes and bowls etc.) were yellow in keeping with the theme.  

Food: The greatest achievement was the cake, in the shape of wow wow wubbzy. They have a template and things on the website, but I ignored it and simply made my own template.

The cake was chocolate with yellow butter icing and chocolate piped through a bag for eyes, nose, mouth and outline. I made simple rollout cookie dough and cut out shapes for the legs, arms and tail and he looked awesome! I also made widget (one of Wubbzy's friends) cupcakes, just plain vanilla ones with pink food colouring. I made them similar to fairy cakes by cutting a small circle out of the top and making 'bunny ears' and fixing them in place with pink icing. I also added two little dots for eyes on each cake.

We then had yellow jelly, a pretty amazing fruit platter also in the shape of wow wow wubbzy (rockmelon, mango, banana, orange, cherry nose and sultana eyes), dips and biscuits (not yellow, but hey), and some smarties for good measure. It was an early party so we had some morning tea of little chicken pies and spinach and cheese pasties (both VERY popular with the grown ups). 

Games: These were quite simple games, as the children were young, but they were fun none-the-less. First of all was pin the tail on the wubbzy, straightforward enough, same rules as pin the tail on the donkey.

Next was a treasure hunt, before the party I had bought a packet of marshmellows and wrapped two or three in celophane and tied a ribbon around it, I made about 12 packages. This was good because it was cheap, fun AND relevant to the show.

The last game was simply a dancing competition, as we deemed them too young to really enjoy musical statues or chairs. I put on a compilation of wubbzy music and the kids had to dance their very best, with a prize promised to the winner. It did take a couple of adults willing to look a bit silly on camera to get some of the kids dancing, but it was all good fun. At the end the astounded judges admitted that because EVERYONE had danced so well they just couldn't choose a winner and everyone was getting a prize.

We then had a lucky dip, all the prizes were wrapped in yellow paper of course, and while the kids examined their spoils, the hot food was brought out.   After the food was consumed and a sufficient amount of room was cleared on the table we did presents and then had the spectacular wubbzy cake (though we felt a little bad eating the cute little guy). 

The party bags: The party bags were quite simple, some yellow lolly pops, chocolate money, bouncy balls (wubbzy has a ball that he is quite fond of which is blue and purple, so of course we painted purple spots on blue balls), and little chocolate bars that I wrapped in yellow paper and decorated with a picture of wubbzy and wrote authentic chocolate wubbzy bars" on.  

Odds and ends: I allowed 2 hours for the party arriving present examining etc. if you were to be really organised you could probably do it in an hour and a half pretty easily. I looked after preparations ie. Buying cooking and cleaning while my mum looked after the adults (though she helped me clean a bit too) I roped in a friend to help with child wrangling so I could run off and pop things in the oven etc.    "

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