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Groovy Girls -7yr- Limo to Pizza & Dessert




Paula in Mooresville, NC   USA


June 2005


Honorable Mention

For my daughters 7th birthday we decided to have a Groovy Girls party.  My daughter is really in to Groovy Girls so we decided to do what Groovy Girls do best. 

We planned to get our nails done, have lunch and go to our local neighborhood Candy Bar for dessert.   We used the Groovy Girls invitations and invited each groovy girl to come dressed in their groovy best.   I let my daughter choose 5 of her closest friends to invite.  I called each parent ahead of time and let them know of the big surprise that would be at the birthday party and also to make sure that each Groovy Girl would be able to attend. I also invited each little girls mom to the party. 

As each Groovy Girl arrived we took pictures and talked about what Groovy Girls do.  I then told them that I had planned many places around town for us to go and asked them if they had any idea how we would all get around town in one vehicle. 

At that time the Limousine I had hired pulled into my driveway and the girls went crazy.  None of them had ever riden in a limo before and were very excited.  The limo driver greated each girl at the door.  Inside the limo I had hung a banner that said "GROOVY GIRL BROOKE" and had pictures of Groovy Girls on it.  My daughter was later able to hang this banner in her bedroom. 

Once every girl and their mom were inside the limo I handed each girl a  daily planner which I had already put their names on and wrote all of the stops we were going to make. I also gave each girl a pretty pen so they could write inside their daily planner.  While we were in the limo we listened to different cd's. A fun one to listen to was the Barbie Hits cd.  Our first stop was the Nail place where each Groovy Girl got to pick out their own nail color and have their nails painted. 

Our next stop was the local Pizza Palor where I had already ordered the Pizza so it was waiting for us to enjoy.  Each girl chose their own soda to drink. 

Next we went to the Candy bar.  I had already made plans for Chocolate covered Strawberries, Truffles and Hot Chocolate to be waiting for the girls. 

After we ate we played a few simple and quick games like "guess what is in the bag".  I filled a bag with lip gloss, comb, brush, mirror and other assorted little things.  Each girl got a chance to put their hand in the bag and guess what was inside.  I then gave each girl a $2.00 gift certificate so they could purchase whatever they liked at the candy bar.  We then all got back into the Limo and rode back to our house. I had sparkling grape juice waiting for the girls to enjoy in plastic champane glasses for the ride home. I only rented the limo for 3 hours so everything had to go kind of quick.  This all took a lot of planning ahead.  I made sure that every stop was close together and that they all knew we were coming.  I also made time for pictures to be taken at each stop. 

At the nail place each girl stood in front of the limo that was parked in front of the Nail Salon.  The girls all held out their pretty nails and smiled really big.  Once we were back to our house we opened presents and had cake and ice cream.  Then each little girl stayed and played for a little while before they all went home.  I had purchased Groovy Girl favor boxes and filled them with lip gloss, comb, Groovy Girl note pads and other groovy items.  I had also ordered plastic groovy girl name tags attached to a key ring for each girl. This is a nice party gift for the girls to keep and put on their bookbags or lunchboxes. 

This was a very fun party to plan.  The only downfall is that you have to keep your guest to a minimum.  The limo I rented only seated 12 people.  This party cost around $ 350.00.  The Limo was around $200.00 and that included gratutity.  The pizza was about $65.00.  The nails were $3.00 per girl and the Candy Bar was around $40.00.  The party favors were around $30.00 and I purchased most of them on line.  This was probably the best party my daughter has ever had and her friends still talk about all the fun they had.  Even the moms had a great time.

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