Carnival Party

Sports Carnival Party 5yr - Face Painting




Amy in Shelbyville, IN USA


July 2009


Honorable Mention

For Invitations, I made them to look like a sporting event ticket.  In the middle of the ticket was a picture of my son playing soccer. The top said ADMIT ONE with all details on the ticket.  I put a barcode on there with RSVP and our phone number under the bar code.  The ticket said You are invited to have a ball at Jack's 5th Birthday Party!" with the rest of the details such as "Game Time."  I also wrote on there to wear sports garb or your favorite team's colors.  Almost every person wore some type of sport related shirt or something.  

For Decorations We made it look like a Carnival outside.  I found this great Carnival Bunting and Huge Banner that went across our patio area.  We made signs for each of the games.  We had a football balloon basketball balloon soccer balloon and baseball balloon along with other plain colorful balloons. We used my son's soccer trophy to tie the balloon bouquet to.  

We made a ticket booth out of a refrigerator box.  The directions are on Family Fun's website.  My kids helped paint it- it was very cute.  We also made a Food Vendor box with a cardboard box and a really wide red ribbon.  My dad wore it around his neck and called out "Get yer popcorn here!"  We found plates and napkins that had all 4 sports on them at the Dollar Tree.   

For Activities- Upon arrival kids were directed to the ticket booth where they were given a plain white paper gift bag that had tickets in it.  The tickets were Face Painting Soccer game Baseball Game Football Game Duck Pond Basketball Game Popcorn Guy and Guessing Jar.  They were told to go sit down and decorate their bag with markers and stickers while everyone arrived.  The bag was to hold the prizes they won from the games. 

I also had plain white megaphones to decorate with markers and foam stickers (sport related ones and also butterflies and rainbows etc).  We also had our Little Tikes Bounce House up and our swing set to play on.  The Guessing Jar was a peanut butter jar filled with sport related bouncy balls.  The kids had to guess how many were inside.  The kid with the closest guess won a foam golf set.  All the kids were given one of the bouncy balls.

For Games the kids had to use their tickets.  I had a grown up or teen at each station.  The kids had to give their ticket to play. They could play as much as they wanted but win one prize.  For the baseball game I hung 3 tin pie plates by a rope; they had to hit one with a plastic baseball.  Basketball was shooting through a Fisher Price Goal Football was throwing a football between an inflatable goal post Soccer was kicking the ball around several cones and into a goal.

For the duck pond I filled my baby's tub with a little water and I had duck pond ducks (you can get at Oriental Trading).  My mom did face painting.  We had a popcorn machine and my dad went around being the vendor.  It was hilarious.   The prizes for the games (also the favors) were inflatable footballs or pom poms cheerleader rubber duckies or sport themed rubber ducks huge inflatable baseball bats soccer pencils basketball stickers or princess stickers sport tattoos or butterfly rainbow or flower tattoos.  

For the cake I had 4 Wilton Cake sets representing the 4 sports my son chose.  On cupcakes we put football helmets soccer rings or basketball rings with a trophy on the top of the cupcake display.  The trophies and the helmets were from the Dollar Tree. 

Other Party Snacks were hotdogs macaroni and cheese fruit kabobs a Mexican rice dish individual bags of chips and the popcorn from our very own food vendor!   We used store bought thank you cards with footballs on them. I tried to get carnival music from the library but the discs I got weren't really the kind of music I wanted.   "

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