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Carnival Party 3yr - Pin Nose on Clown




Dillon in Chula VIsta, CA


July 2006


Special Mention

For my sons 3rd birthday party, I am doing the circus/clown/carnival theme.

As each kid arrives, they will be taken to the "kid table" where each chair will hold inflatable clown shoes, and I derby hat to mark their spot at the table. Inside the hat with be oversized clown glasses, a clown nose, a string of tickets, and some fun circus/clown stickers so they can dress up their hat anyway they so desire. I will also have another set of string tickets to be their place cards with circus font on the back to spell out their name.

The "kid table" will hold the Juggles the Clown plates and napkins. I decided to do away with the Juggles cups and table covers because I wanted to do my own thing. I have already purchased orange and bright green silverware and table covers. (To make it look colorful and fun) and for the centerpieces at the kids table will be oversized orange sand  pails (minus the shovel) with Juggles the Clown sticker in the middle of the pail and huge balloons coming out from the top. I will also have oversized swirl lollipops (the ones you find at the carnival) sticking out (being held down by square Styrofoam) I have already purchased elephant drinking cups (US TOY) for the kids to enjoy some elepa\*fun lemonade.

Okay, back to fun, once the kids have dressed they will be taken over to the paint your face table. I thought since the age group is going to be 1-7 years old, I didn't want to hire a clown so I will dress up semi-clown and paint the kids faces (I will also get help from Ring Master Grandma, Grandpa and Birthday Boys Daddy) in all activities. As the kids are getting their faces painted, the kids waiting in line can receive CIRCUS tattoos (I had the tattoo station last year with Thomas the Train and it was a HUGE HIT) So, once the kids are all dressed up like a clown, it will be time to introduce the 2 ponies and petting zoo. They will all have fun with the pony rides and petting zoo for about an hour.

Next will be the eating, I will have hot dogs,(renting a hot dog machine) popcorn,( also renting the machine) soft pretzels, nachos, churros, cotton candy, (I will prebag this the night before) chicken skewers (for the adults) peanuts, salad, chocolate fountain, veggie tray, chips, and fruit bowls (using the derby hats) to hold the fruit. For the chocolate fountain, I will have rice krispies, pretzels, apples, marshmallows and anything else that comes to mind. Lemonade stand, soda and water stand. 

For the games, I will be having Pin the nose on the clown, throw the tiger through the wire (a hula-hoop) wrapped in fire like colors, clown dart game, Ping Pong throw, Clown ring toss, jump through balloons, (just an area that is going to be full of loose balloons for the kids to jump around and "clown around" where I am also going to have jump ropes and additional hula-hoops. I will have the fish game were at the end, the prize is a real gold fish. (I have already made sure the parents wont mind a new goldfish in the house)

For the grand game, I have purchased a carnival crane game. You know the ones your kids always ask for a quarter so they put it in machine and a toy will drop out?? Well one of those. It is table top about 7 1/4 W and 10"D..It holds 48 toys (you can purchase more if you desire) and plays music, and gives fake coins for the kids to play over and over again.  I have already purchased all the over sized (44 inches to 77 inches) Juggles the Clown balloons to make it look like they are walking. I have an oversized clown pinata that was designed just for the party.

For the decorations, I have already purchased the inflatable circus animals (Oriental trading) and will hang those around the "big top" that I am going to do with red and white streamers. I will place a sign that says "Do not feed the animals" The kids can take these home once the party is over along with the hula-hoops as stated above. I have already made life size pictures of your basic circus animals in color and will place those along the walk way attached to paint sticks..

Of coarse, I have the plastic popcorn containers for decoration, and to eat yummy popcorn out of. The kids can fill up their own popcorn to make them feel very special and "adult like" I will also prepare circus sugar cookies and lay those around so the kids can eat and grab when they feel that sugar tooth. I bought a "Jack in the Box" and will use that as centerpiece on one of the many tables. Also found jumbo PEZ containers where the top is a clown face. One is a prize to the game and the other is a center piece. And also Wal-Mart had this Circus box that carries everything you would find a circus in the toy section, It is awesome and cost only $ 10.00. I intend to use this as the centerpiece at the food table. I already purchased oversized pinwheels and I do oversized and will place those in the planters, I have the bubble blower (2 of those) and circus music that will play throughout the party.

For the cake: There will not be a cake.. I found an excellent idea in one of the Betty Crocker books. They took a simple cupcake (any flavor of your liking) and iced it (again any flavor)  I am going to use the funfetti mix and ice it with white. Then you can sprinkle it with your fun sprinkles, next get a pretzel rod and an animal cracker. On the pretzel rod place melted chocolate anywhere you want to stick the animal cracker and place the animal there (the chocolate plays as the glue) for each cupcake place the cracker in a different spot of the pretzel to give it the carousal effect. At the very top of the pretzel place an umbrella (the ones you get in a tropical drink) It is very adorable and much better then a cake that the kids won't each anyway.

For the loot bags, I have spent at least $ 500.00 in going home prizes. To many things to list but it is going to be soooooooooo fun for the kids to open up their bags and find all their goodies. For the bags, I was able to find huge "gift bags" from OSHKOSH store that is literally circus. It fit perfect and I was glad that I found them. They cost about $ 2.29 each bag. I am sure I am missing more but I hope it goes as planned. Since this going to be in December I have to pray that the weather is in my favor and this big event doesn't get ruined. I hope you enjoy some of my ideas and will clown around your kids party to.

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