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Disney Carnival 6yr - Popcorn Machine




Mandy in Waterloo, AL USA


May 2006


Honorable Mention

My daughter's 6th birthday just passed and she had a Disney Carnival party. When you can't take the kids to Disney World, bring Disney World to the kids!With such a wide range of options, I had to start early to get it all finished.  First a few months before the party, I drew life size Disney characters on poster board.  I had a little of everything. 

Some are harder to draw than others.  I found that the characters are easier to draw than the people.  It was much easier to draw Nemo than it was to draw Snow White.  But they turned out pretty good.  I made sure that I drew her favorites first, then made some just for fun.  I had about 30  in all. They turned out great. We had everyone from Cinderella to Mary Poppins.  Some of the kids on the day of the party took some of the drawings home for their rooms.

Next it was time for the invitations.  I'm a scrapbooker so it was fairly simple to come up with an idea.  First I made up this little poem on one side of the invites that read: Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho to (Your child's name) house we go, come be our guests, we'll provide the rest, no time to waste, please don't be late.  It's where the magic happens, with a bibbidi-bobbidi boo, A whole new world is waiting, all we need is you.  On the other side I listed all the info about the party,with a few more little Disney touches.  They turned out awesome! 

Now, with it being a carnival party, you've just got to have the right foods.  I ordered the cotton candy from Rainbow Cotton Candy so we wouldn't have the mess like you get with the rented machines.  We served hot dogs, nachos, cookies and drinks.  I did give in and rent a popcorn machine.  The smell of fresh popcorn is priceless! 

O.k. for the games:  I got the kids canvas totes and put disney pictures on them by using t-shirt transfer paper. With all the prizes they would be getting at the games I knew those little paper bags would not hold up.  The bags were a big hit with the kids and their parents.  Some of the smaller children's parents said they would make great diaper bags. 

We had all kinds of games for any age child.  We had Tigger's basketball shoot, Lion King's circle of life football throw, Mickey Mouse's ping pong toss, Donald Duck's pick up ducks, Nemo's fishing game, Woody's round up, Pooh's honey pot toss, Dumbo's dart game, and Mary Poppins craft corner. I think the little girls enjoyed the crafts the best.  I had ordered prizes that cordinated with each game from Oriental Trading Co., and US Toy Co., plus I had lots of little toys that my two girls had collected that needed to be thinned out.  Perfect way to get rid of some stuff! 

For the major attraction I rented one of those huge 18ft slides from a local party dealer.  He also threw in a bubble machine. The kids went wild.  Well I say the "KIDS".  Almost all the parents joined in the fun too! Even though I was kinda sore the next morning, it was a blast!  Kind of pricey, but well worth it in my opinion.  About half way through the party we had a treasure hunt.  I had hid little envelopes (addressed to Peter Pan)  around in my yard with clues from Captain Hook telling the kids where to hunt for the treasure.  Captain Hook had also took Tinkerbell and hid her with the treasure.  When the kids found the treasure it was a treasure box pinata with lots of candy and prizes inside.  Also inside was a small tinkerbell keychain.  They got eye patches and pirate flags plus all the pinata loot for playing the treasure hunt. 

Then it was time for cake and Ice cream.  I'm not one for store bought cakes, but am not gifted in the baking area either, so I opted for a caterer to make her cake.  This lady has made my girls cakes for the last two years and they are tasty.  This years was a two tier Disney Style cake.  It looked so good, my daughter didn't want to cut it! 

After the cake we let her open her gifts as she sat in her princess throne that I had made out of cardboard and painted in her favorite colors. Then she hand out the thank you notes that I had made for the kids.  They were like certificates with a thank you from our little princess.  They also each had a different Disney picture on them.  All the parents keep commenting on how much fun the party was.  And the kids, well they were to busy to say anything, but I knew they were enjoying themselves. 

All in all, I could have gotten away with something much cheaper, but my daughters and their 22 friends had a Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious time! To me, that's priceless!  Good Luck in planning your Disney Bash!  I had the best time with ours and both my daughters(6 and 21/2) enjoyed helping me plan it.  HAVE FUN!

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