Carnival Party

Krazy Fun Carnival 1yr - Rubber Ducks




Finna in Manhattan, NY, USA


June 2001


Special Mention

Crazy Fun Carnival was the theme of my son's 1st birthday party. 

For the invitation, I sent out a yellow rubber duck sitting on the top of a blue invitation card - they were all packed inside a clear plastic box.  Inside, there was also an friendly invitation for each kid to enter the "King and Queen Ducks" contest by decorating the enclosed duck PRIOR to coming.  Maybe give the duck pink fur?  Or dye it green?  Or create a sailor duck?  It was all their call.  In the invitation, it was indicated that the person should bring the duck to gain admission. 

Instead of the traditional guest book, each guest was given an admission ticket in exchange for the duck which was collected to be given score for the contest.  Each person wrote his/ her name on one side of the ticket.  I retained that portion for lucky draw and memento.  While they could keep the other half.    As a back drop, we had the traditional white and red tent painted on a Styrofoam.  We had small balloons arranged to form a clown, a bear, … all over the stage.  Then, the traditional balloons were every where. 

When the guests arrived, they first went to the ticket booth.  Aside from the admission ticket, a child received an envelope that contains about 15 tickets.  One served as a ticket for a make over session - face painting, hair beading and coloring (temporary ones).  Another one served as a ticket for a picture time - a kid will pose behind a clown picture where they showed only their face and hand.  Another ticket for a parting gift.  The rest are generic tickets for all other activities (one point each).  We set up booths along one long aisle.  We had a couple for the make over booth followed by the food booth where we had pop corn, peanuts, jelly cup with gummy bears in it.  We also called a lollipop man - he made lollipop as the kids watch.  We had a cotton candy man too.  Last but not least, we had several buckets filled with various snacks (fruit loops, pretzels, etc.) for the kids to make edible necklace. 

For the games, we made stands for mini golf, fishing game, guessing game, toss the ring, etc.  There was a counter where kid will line up for vitamin time.  One person dressed as a doctor.  Each kid was given a capsule.  Under adult supervision, she/ he put it in a cup of hot water.  Wham the capsule turned into an animal made of sponge.  The games that I had mentioned so far seem to cater the children that are 3 years old and older.  Well, I did want to have something special for the younger ones since my son is one of them.  So while the carnival was on going, we invited Gymboree to organize a session for mothers and their babies (18 months and bellow).  Bubbles and parachute time, that was.  That way, the younger kids had lots of fun without being disturbed by the older kid2s that would probably be too busy at the booths. 

After all the activities, it was show time.  We had acrobat show.  I borrowed a few high chairs for the younger one so that the parents could take a rest.  Then a couple of clowns played tricks and games with the children.  Pinned the tail to the donkey and musical chairs are the classic favorites among other games.  Many of the games involved adult participation too.  So, it should be fun for the older crowd. 

Now come the cake time.  The cake, all from hard icing was about 1 meter tall and long.  In the shape of stacked presents, cubes, and a bunny in the party, not forgetting a cute yellow duck.  Streamers and confetti spread in the air as the kids "quack" their ducks (they got them back already after being graded) and happy birthday song filled the room.  Each kid was given a matching party hat and plate for the cake time. 

While the attendants cut and distribute the cake,  the kids then formed a train chain to the buffet table where they enjoyed all the carnival food - pizza, hot dog, milk shakes, etc.  The adults also went to food booths designed especially for them. 

After the food, it was lucky draw time followed by the announcement of the winner for the "King and Queen Ducks"  The prize for each winner was an inflatable mini pool for the duck and him/ herself.  To end the party, it was the Piñata time.  I made a piñata, a huge one.  By then, each child had lots of gift and sweets from all the booths and activities. 

Now come the time for each child to redeem their final ticket for their final gift - a "Crayola" activity bag.  I embossed it with my son's name and birth of date.  It was a "Krazy Fun" Carnival, for the babies, the tots, the kids and the adults.  All in 2.5 hours.  To thank the guests, I have the photos sent to them.

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