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Candyland -6yr- Gingerbread Men Favor Bags




Jeanette in Welland, Ontario, Canada


September 2007


Special Mention

For my son's 6th birthday we hosted a Candy Land party at our home for 18 kids (with lots of help from family and 4 volunteer moms!). 

We invited the kids to Candy Land" with invites I found ($1 for 8 at a grocery store)that had colourful stars on the front and inside.  We had the party outside with different stations representing the different areas on the game board. 

When the kids arrived they were given a gingerbread man favour bag to decorate.  I used regular lunch size paper bags and cut a gingerbread shape out of the top of the bag put stickers on them and glue rockets (also known as smarties in the U.S.) onto them.  I also had them print their names on the bags.  At the same table I had kids tattoos a spray bottle of water and a cloth.  The kids went nuts tattooing themselves (with help from the moms of course). 

In the same area I had another table set up with snacks (strawberries and dip pretzels mini bologna sandwiches and drinks in different colours - fruit punch limeade a blue punch and grape punch.  As well on a small table I put out our Candy Land game to keep some of the kids occupied while they waited for everyone to arrive.  Along with our outdoor toys sidewalk chalk and large outdoor blocks the kids had plenty to do while they waited. 

Once everyone arrived the kids were put in colour teams (prearranged) - green red blue and yellow - and placed with their leader.  I handed out maps to the leaders with a list of who was on their team where they would start (everyone started at a different spot) the path they would take (there were 5 stations to visit) and finally where everyone would meet (cone castle of course!).  The stations were colour coded - I purchased different colours of plastic tablecloths at the $ store - and at each one the kids had something different to do. 

Gramma Nutty was at the yellow station and manned by Great Grandma in her handmade apron.  The kids had two things to do here - one was to roll 2 dice until they had a total of 6 - then they could choose a "peanut".  The "peanut" was a paper lunch bag cut down and in it I put 3 pkgs of rockets and a tattoo.  On the front I taped a peanut I cut out from the part of the bag I had cut off and used a brown marker to draw dashes on it to look like a real peanut. 

The second game the kids could play at this station was to reach into a box with 2 slots.  Each side was full of foam packing peanuts.  One side had candy bracelets and watches; the other side had different colours of erasers that looked like crayons ($ store - pack of 10 for $1).  Our neighbourhood grocery store was a great source for all the different sized boxes I used at this party. 

The next station was the red station with Mr. Mint's jellybean guess and Princess Lolly's lollipop pull.  Grandma manned this station wearing a red and white striped apron.  I used a small decorative jam jar with a red top and placed red and white jellybeans (bulk barn) in it.  The kids wrote their names on a pad of paper (those who could anyway) and the number they thought was in the jar.  The one who guessed closest won the jar.  I gave this away just before we sang happy birthday near the end of the party. 

For Princess Lolly's lollipop pull I covered a small box with white paper and poked holes all over it to put different colour lollipops in.  I used a  black marker to draw on the end of the stick of one lollipop.  Everyone got a pixie stick after pulling out their lollipop (which they kept) but whoever pulled the marked lollipop won a package with candy and a skipping rope. 

The pink station was next and this was definitely the crowd favourite.  This was the candy necklace making station.  I covered our picnic table with the pink tablecloth and set out a large tray with various candy for stringing - sour keys peach rings etc. as well as pretzels and froot loops type cereal.  For the strings I used rope licorice - one package I left full length and one package I cut in half for bracelets.  This was a station where the kids also enjoyed snacking!  So have plenty on hand. 

The next station was the green station - the kids had to bob for an apple (which they kept) and once they got the apple (a really easy task apparently) they received a colourful small hi-bounce ball.  I used a plastic storage tub that I cleaned thoroughly and filled with water just before the kids arrived.  Under it we put the green tablecloth.  A towel or two on hand is needed as some kids like to dunk their whole faces in! 

The last station was the blue station - water balloons!  I used two targets strung to trees and our small overturned picnic table.  The targets were blue tarps with coloured duct tape in the shape of a bullseye which I still had from last years party.  All the teams met here.  I had four different tubs of balloons which I marked with the team colour (no fighting over balloons).  During the Candy Land games if one team finished a bit too early to move on the the next station the leader played a game with her team - duck duck goose or simon says. 

After the water balloon toss was over I had the leaders play a huge game of duck duck goose (another favourite with the kids) while I set up the cone castle area.  This area had two large thick yellow table cloths on the ground for the kids to sit on with white plastic chairs around for the adults to sit on and also to keep an eye on the kids.  In front of the area where the kids would sit I placed a long table with white table cloths on it. 

On it I made a cone castle - simply have a nice base (I used a round scalloped silver cake board from the bulk barn) and place the cones upside down to form a tower.  You could also dip the cones in white chocolate and sprinkles or coloured sugar beforehand for a nice effect.  I made a path to the cone castle with white and chocolate cupcakes I made the night before.  I used colourful polka dot cupcake papers and decorated the cupcakes with homemade white icing and one jumbo gumdrop on each. 

At the front of the table and off to the side I had coloured cups with different toppings for the cones and cupcakes - sprinkles teeny m&m's coloured sugar and caramel sauce.  When the kids were ready we had them sit down and sing happy birthday.  My son blew out 6 different coloured candles we put on one of the cupcakes.  Then we served vanilla and chocolate ice cream to the kids.  They could decorate them if they wished.  Some kids chose to decorate the cupcakes as well!  While the kids were busy eating I had my son open his gifts and thank everyone. 

We also brought over the food and drink table so it was close to the kids and adults.  After the gifts the kids played in our yard put on more tattoos and waited for their parents to pick them up.  It was fun and easy to clean up."

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