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Candyland Party -3yr- Lollipop Walk




Candi in Pikeville, TN USA


November 2010


Special Mention

For my daughter 3rd birthday, I chose a Candyland theme.  She loves suckers! 

The Invitations were ordered on Ebay.  They had a picture of the Candyland board with Run, Run as fast as you can, We're having a party in Candyland.  The party information followed with a warning that peanut butter would be served. 

Decorations:  First, I laid out green paper 24 ft x 24 ft.  Then, I used blue, red, green, yellow, orange, and purple card stock to make the trail.  Next, I incorporated parts of the Candyland boardgame.  I made a tree using large colored paper.  This was simply a 2-D tree used just as a picture to brighten up the board.  My mother made a cone from poster board and glue peppermint candies to make a peppermint tree.  The tree set on white paper and it was surrounded by the characters of that theme.  We used decals from Birthday Express to the characters.  Wal-mart sells bags of peppermint for a dollar.  It took almost 4 bags.  We made suckers using styrofoam disk and dawl rods.  We made gum drops from styrofoam and painted all of these in bright colors and covered them with white glitter. 

We made peanuts by cutting a styrofoam ball in half and then I took my thumb to make impressions all over.  We made a flat side on each half circle, and hot glued them together.  Then we painted the peanuts a light brown and then brushed a dark brown over them for contrast.  We placed these on the left side of the game board.  I glued circles at the end of the trail as an entrance to the candy buffet.   We made hershey's kisses for the chocolate swamp by cutting the tops of 2 liter coke bottles and wrapping them in reynold's wrap.  I placed two on the game board and put two on the chocolate tables.  For snow lake, I just cut out white paper to be shaped like a lake.  I asked a former student ( a cheerleader who participates in pagents) to dress up like Princess Frostine.  My daughter and her friends loved her! She stood at Snow Lake. 

From the ceiling, we hung M&M's made from using blue, yellow, and red paper plates.  I used a Ellison machine from the elementary school to punch out the m's.  We also hung an ice cream pinata above the game in the center.  I also bought a banner from Birthday Express that said, Happy Birthday, Sweet _______.  It looked great!  I sat up 5 child sized tables with aqua colored table clothes for activities to be mentioned later.  I made a circle with additional card stock to make another game for the children.  I'll discuss soon. 

For the first table, we placed a brown table cloth set behind chocolate swamp.  On this table were the kisses (mentioned above) and a chocolate fountain.  There was a platter from my daughters first birthday displaying pretzels, pretzel sticks, cookies, nutter butters, marshmellows, and fruit (bananas and strawberries).  I also placed a cylinder with hershey's kisses in them.  In front of this table was a ginerbread man (my mom  made from styrofoam holding balloons).  She painted it to look like a gingerbread cookie.  My mother-in-law used a cricket machine to make signs.  We used styrofoam disks and dawl rods to place them throughout the game board. I set up two large rectangle tables up with hot pink table clothes. 

Since they were used as eating tables, I only decorated them with gum drops centerpieces.  I bought small flower pots from the dollar tree and painted them purple and covered them with the same white glitter.  I used dawl rods for the posts and then covered and styrofoam ball with gum drops.  I tied a ribbon under the ball.  They were beautiful.  It one whole bag of gum drops plus about a forth of another to make each centerpiece.  I had balloon bouquets setting around the room.  For the main serving table, I used  a silver table cloth.  On this table was the cake, cup cakes, punch, peanut butter sandwiches ( cut out like candies), peanut butter cookies, peanuts in the shell, old fashioned peppermints, and other cookies.  I decided to use hot pink plates, cups, and forks instead of the candy land items.  I didn't want overkill!  We made a candy buffet with every type of candy I could think of.  Oriental Trading was a wonderful place to buy the candy. 

For the gift table, we just used a lime green table cloth.  For the entrance, my mom made a gum drop archway.  It was painted in bright colors and covered in the same white glitter to look like sugar.  We set up a small table with a hot pink table cloth.  On it, I placed the candy land story, my daughters picture (she was eating a very large lollipop at Disney World) and another gum drop centerpiece.   We used the church rec. hall for the party and it really looked wonderful.  However, you need at least two days to set everything up!!!  Three would be even better! 

Ok, for the games and activities:  I took small poster board and made the cards to play a life-sized candyland game.  That was the biggest activity.  Princess Frostine stood on Snow Lake and held up cards for each player.  The parents escorted their child around the game board.  The winner of the game received the candy land game. 

The next activity was the Lollipop Walk.  We used the circle I mentioned above.  Each child stood on a different color square.  I played the song Lollipop, Lollipop as the children walked around the circle.  When the music stopped, our princess and my daughter chose a game card (I used the candy land game cards on this too).  The child on that color won a giant lollipop.  We played this game several times.  I passed out lottery tickets to be scratched off.  I bought 20 cards so I could have 2 winners.  Each winner received a candy land t-shirt.  I found iron-ons on ebay and bought a 3 pack of white tees.  They ended up costing about $3 to make.  The scratch offs were another ebay find.  They were $5 for 10.  The children liked them.  The small tables mentioned above were used for other activities.  One was for coloring a candy land picture.  The second one was used for crown decorating. 

Each child got his/ her every own crown and decorated with gum drops and fruit loops.  They loved this and the pictures were awesome.  The next table was used for making necklaces and bracelets.  Each child got two strings of yarn and then used foot loops to make their jewelry.  On the next table was a fun wheel"  I had bought for my classroom.  I used decals of gum drops and lollipops on the wheel.  Each child spun the wheel 3 times.  They won if they landed on the lollipop.  The prize for this was candy flavored body paint from Avon to be used in the bathtub. 

The last table was for face painting.  My husband painted ice cream cones gum drops lollipops or cup cakes on the face of each child.  At this station I pre-painted a sign using a chalkboard and a paint pen to look like a menu of sorts.  All of the activities were a big hit.  Lots of fun!!! My mom took the decals (purchased from Birthday Express) and placed them on poster board cut them out and placed them around the room.  She put them on tables and the game board for more decorations.  They were a nice touch.  I also made a CD for the party.  The songs included Candy Man Candyland Candy Girl I Want Candy  Sugar Sugar Lollipop Lollipop The Good Ship Lollipop It's My Party Celebration and Happy Birthday.

For the treat bags I bought medium sized gift bags.  My mother-in-law used the cricket machine to make small candies lollipops and each child's name on them.  As the children went through the day they collected candy for their bags.  They were also allowed to take candy from the buffet after they ate.  If they landed on a pink square they won a ring pop a recess cup a peppermint stick or a candy bar. 

As they were leaving each guest was handed a bouquet of a large lollipop (the sticker read:  Thanks for making my birthday so sweet!  Love _________. ) a large box of candy like is sold at the movies or  a tootie roll bank and a tooth brush!.  I kept the thank you notes simple.  I went to Wal-mart and used the birthday thank you template.  I put 5 pictures taking of my daughter and her friends throughout the party.  It simply read:  Thank you for making my birthday so sweet!  Love ___________.  It matched the stickers used on the lollipops. 

The party was a lot of work.  I spent 6 months planning and  making the decorations and gift bags.  Everyone raved about it and said it was a blast.  I was a little worried about not having a bouncer but the kids didn't seem to even notice.  It was a terrific theme!!!  We had soooo much fun preparing for it!"

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