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Candyland Party -7yr- Home Made Storybook Adventure




Lavender in Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines  6014


September 2004


Honorable Mention

On my niece`s 7th birthday, I threw a candyland party for her held at a beach resort.

I had so much fun making her candy shaped invitations using empty tissue paper rolls which I patiently collected. First, I stuffed old newspapers into the tissue paper rolls so that when I would tie the candy "tails" on both ends, the "tails" won`t sag on the roll holes. After I have stuffed the rolls, I covered them with colored papers in pink, lavender, yellow, orange, green and blue. Then, I wrapped them again with colored japanese papers with the same colors as that of the colored papers. The japanese papers were longer than the size of the tissue paper rolls so that I will have a candy "tail" on each rolls. I then, sealed the japanese papers with adhesive tapes, knotted both ends to make the candy "tails" and tied them with curling ribbons of different colors.

For the invitation details, I printed out the event, place, date, time and the theme party on a bond paper and decorated it with lollipop borders. Using glue, I pasted the invitation details on the candy shaped invitations.

For her party give aways, I made little candy bouquets with shot glasses as the base. I carefully arranged hard candies, bubble gums, jelly candies and some marshmallows on the shot glasses.

For the thank you notes, I scanned my neice`s picture with the note: Happy 7th Birhday Dimple (that`s my neice`s name) September 18,2004, thank you for coming to my party.     

For the party foods, I baked her two layered chocolate cake myself which I decorated with lollipops, bubblegums, jelly candies and at the center of her cake I put the second layer cake topped with styrofoam castle which I again decored with candies.

The games were the most fun part of the party. I made a little storybook with characters like King Creamo, Queen Caramelie and Princess Frostylle, who all lived in a candy castle on top of a bubble gum hill. The kids all listened to my story as I described to them the places and the characters of the story, there was Mrs. Mallows who lived in a ginger bread house and who had a yummy garden of goodies with treats such as cookie vines, cupcake blooms, cake sprouts, brownie bushes, waffle weeds and lots of mouthwatering goodies. Then there was the Candyman who had a large candy farm with lollipop bouquets, gumdrops tree, chocolate morsel shrubs and other sweets growing abundantly.      

The games begun when I told the kids that King Creamo, Queen Caramelie and Princess Frostylle were taken by the big, bad sourball monster into his dark cave up on the sour mountain. The sourball monster then cast an evil spell over the beautiful candyland kingdom and made all the candies and other goodies bitter and bland, including the lemonade lake that became dry. The only one who could help the royal family to be freed from the capture of the sourball monster was the Sugarcoat fairy who lived in the deep sugarplum forest. I then, told the kids to look for the Sugarcoat fairy. The kids went around the beach resort, I guided them as they went excitedly around the poolside, the terraces of every rooms and cottages. Peeped into every plants and palm trees.

My sister in law dressed in a pink long dress holding with candy ladened wand emerged from under a shady tree was requested to be the sugarcoat fairy. She handed the kids a colored sugar wrapped in a plastic tied with ribbons. The sugar served as the sugar dust which will be their weapon against the sourball monster.

After going around the resort looking for the monster, the kids ganged up on the monster who was in deep sleep on a nook, my brother was assigned as the monster, the kids threw the sugar dust on him and he acted as if he was in pain then he slumped on the nook. My sister in law`s older sister and brother and one of the lady guests then emerged from behind the corner of our rented room they were of course, King Creamo, Queen Caramelie and Princess Frostylle respectively. And because the royal family was so thankful that the kids freed them from the big and bad sourball monster, they let the kids get some candies in the candyland kingdom.

For their prizes the kids picked up all the pink and lavender balloons which I hung from low tree branches, I stuffed the balloons with candies. Then, the royal family threw candies for the kids to catch. They had so much fun picking candies on the resort ground.      And I had so much fun organizing my niece`s birthday party!!!

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