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Samantha in Kentwood, MI U.S.


August 2003


Special Mention

I had read everyone else's idea for a kids camping party and thought to myself, my idea of a cool camping party would simply include living like your out on in the wilderness.  Here is a step by step guide to create your dream "Camp-out". 

First- Send out invitations in the shape of S'mores{ this will set the theme}.  On the back of the invitations make sure to include date, drop-off and pick-up time for the party, and the list of things to bring.{ Make sure to include sleeping bag, pillow and favorite spooky stories.}  Make sure to put your phone-number so everyone can reply A.S.A.P.   

Second- Before shopping for the party ask the guests what allergies they have. Base what you are shopping for around allergies. The day of the party take your child shopping.  A possible idea could be, Hot dogs and watermelon.  Make sure to remember the snacks- Jiffy pop, the popcorn that comes in a pie pan and you cook it over and open fire, carrots, graham crackers and marshmallows with chocolate.  Drinks can be pop, water, lemonade, and juice boxes.  Recipes are easy to find at www.foodnetwork.com. 

Third- A neat thing to get are the coals for a fire that come in an aluminum pan and are like an open fire.  Take one of those and dig a tiny hole in the grond about the size of the pan.  Place the pan in the ground and cover any space left over with dirt.  Arrange low rise beach chairs or logs around the fire and put a skewer, to grill, in each space. Light the fire about five minutes before guests arrive. { Fire pits and grills are just as easy but the idea above is more fun!} 

Fourth- As guests arrive have your child ask them to put there things in the tent.  Let them have a little play time- away from the fire and swewers-before dinner.  As they play, arrange their meal so that each child will be able to take the hot dog and place it on the swewer and grill.  { Adult supervision for the campfire is recommended.} Have a condiment area set up, so each child will be able to create there hot dog to their tastes.  Ask each child before the hot dogs what he/she would like to drink.  Hand out drinks before they start grilling hot dogs. { Party tip- kids will think it very cool if they get to "grill" their dinner over the open fire} 

Fifth- Arrange games and activities for after dinner, and before S'more and spooky story telling.  A couple of game suggestions include: campfire musical chairs, flashlight tag { play when it is dark}, etc.  Some campfire activities include decorating pillow cases, Campfire song contest, sparklers, etc. 

Games{ How to Play} Campfire Musical Chairs- Arrange chairs, enough for guests, in a circle by the fire.  Have each guest sit in a chair, start the music, as everyone is moving around move one chair out of the circle, and rearrange them in a new circle,  go back to the music and then turn it off.  After all but one have a seat, take the remaining person and give him/her a gift, preferably a flashlight for flashlight tag!  Continue this until you have a winner, reward the winner with a big flashlight. { The flashlights are party favors in this instance, be sure to include batteries!}  

Flashlight Tag- This is just like normal tag, except for how you tag.  In stead of tagging a person with your hand, you switch on your flashlight and aim it at a person. The person who is hit is it!  Play this until everyone has had a chance to be it, or until they are ready to be done. 

Activities Pillow Cases-  Buy cotton pillow cases and Sharpie Markers, preferably colored.  Have a piece of cardboard for every child. Have the kids put the piece of cardboard under the spot where they are going to write/draw.  Have the kids take turns decorating each others. 

Campfire Song Contest- As the kids arrive have them write out their own campfire song.  Have the birthday boy/girl deside who wins as they are making s'mores.  Reward each child with a certificate of acknowledgement for his/her accomplishments in the song contest.  The winner will receive a certificate along with a goodie bag.  Sparklers- You can find these at any major retail store. 

Opening Presents- Need I explain!  Sixth- At the end of the day serve lemonade with S'mores.  Save the skewers from dinner and roast marshmallows.  Later that evening tell spooky ghost stories.  Let each child have a turn at telling.  Hold the flashlight up to your chin to give an eerie look.  After a few spooky stories tuck the kids in, in the tent/camper.  Have a lantern ready for easy light access.  P.S.- Make sure, at some point, to put thank you's in everyones bag's thanking them for coming and for the present.  

Menu  Dinner- Hot Dogs, Watermelon, Lemonade, Beans{ Cook over fire for added campfire feel}  Snacks- Jiffy pop popcorn, carrot stix, and water  Bedtime Snack- S'mores, with water.  Recipes  Lemonade- add 1 quart of water to 3 fresh squeezed lemons, next add 1 cup sugar to taste. {Taste before serving to make sure it is all balanced out!} 

S'more Cakes- Since this is a campfire party why not have S'more cakes. Decorate the tops of 10-20, depending on how many are coming, graham crackers in the style of a campfire scene.  Add blue frosting as the back ground and take tootsie rolls and arrange them as logs.  Next outline a fire with red licorice, then pipe in orange and yellow frosting as the fire!  Take some white frosting and create stars in the sky.  Set those in a pan and freeze until guests arrive.  When they arrive take them out so they can thaw.  On a different graham cracker place chocolate and roasted marshmallow, then top with frosted graham cracker.  Reserve a special S'more for the birthday boy/girl.  Stick candles in the frosting and sing!   

Thank you for taking the time to read my "Campfire" Party!  Hope your Party is a blast!

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