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Campfire Sleepover 8yr - Campfire Songs




Jackie in Quincy, MA ,  USA


April 2009


Honorable Mention

Good Day People.Here goes my successful party idea that I hope you all have a chance to throw for your little treasures at some point. My sons birthday is in July and its always soooo HOT [cuz its in the middle of the month].  So I thought I would try something different for his 8th b-day its was a campfire/sleepover and most important its started when the sun went down!!! 

All the invites for classmates were sent out on the last day of school.  I got little viles and put spanish moss with a plastic bug and a note with [some of the information] for the party on it and I asked everyone to call my home so I could send out their personal invitations which were little tents made out of construction paper.  They were sooooo cute and easy to make!!! *green construction paper and *black marker to write the info down!!! We made home made envelopes with construction paper with a blank sticker to write the addresses on and it worked!! 

The party began at 6:oo p.m. as the children arrived I had a table set up so the children could make their own dream catchers *feathers, *beads, *string, *thin wire Also the kiddos could make a little lantern.  We did that with a small *baby food jar with some *spanish moss, *small ltd" lite. They really enjoyed that!!!  I also had flash lites that I had gotten from the dollar store!!! I got each child a note pad and a cool pen so they could write in their journals everything they did at Michaels party!!  Eight is a good year to begin sleep overs so we had tents all set up in the yard with a campfire going when the kiddo's arrived.  With the smell of hotdogs cooking in the fire with of course smores it was exciting!!

We played all sorts of games after everyone had their fill of food.  Most kids already ate their supper so it really was just a snack we had to serve!!! So we had a "Snake-Race"--- which is 2 teams and each child has to hold onto each others waist and have a race without letting go of eachothers waist..  "Snake Tag"---all the kids have to hold onto eachothers waist [again] and the birthday boy {who is the head of the snake} has to run and catch the end of the snake all while everyone is NOT letting go of everyones waist!!!  THAT WAS FUNNY TO WATCH!!! We played a unique kind of "hide and seek".  The birthday boy hides while everyone counts and one at a time the kids look for the birthday boy when the birthday boy is found that child hides with him and so on until there is the last child looking to find everyone hiding in the birthday boys hiding spot It is sooo much fun seeing all the kids squashed into a hiding space.!!!! I hope I am making senseI have so much to share with you for we did sooo many different things and I don't want to leave anything out. We really had a great time last year!!!!! So here goes so more.. 

After all the games we then all had a drink and sang "Happy Birthday"along with a very strange cake!! I put a bunch of ice cream in a long oval bowl and crushed up a bunch of oreo cookies to make it look like dirt and sprinkled it all over the ice cream.  I got "gummy worms" and some plastic flowers to stick in the dirt I had purchased some candy and wrote out his name on the ice-cream cake. It was a success!!! 

I copied down a bunch of campfire songs and replaced certain words with the birthday boys name...now that was a lot of fun...They were quite funny too!!! We all sang songs and shared some [not so scary] stories...they still are young so I had to be careful!!  The stories were more silly then scary...=] Then after all the silly stories it was late...so had a snack and we washed up and got ready for bed!!  Some children stayed over in our tents and some we said "good night" to after their parents picked them up.... In the a.m. I had boiled eggs and fruit and juice set up so the children had breakfast.  I had some food coloring markers set out so they decorated their eggs and then eat them or take them home...one by one parents were pulling up and it was the end to a wonderful and not to mention "very cool" birthday party!!!"

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