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Butterfly Party 7yr - Decorate Butterfly Boxes




Lori in Coon Rapids, MN USA


July 2002


Special Mention

Butterfly Party  For my daughter's 7th birthday she decided she wanted a butterfly birthday party.  Our party was 2 1/2 hours and it was hosted by myself and my husband. 

Activities:  When the 13 girls arrived they gathered around the table to decorate wooden boxes (shoebox size) with glitter rhinestone butterfly shaped beads.  A few days before the party I had written each girls name on the box with fabric paint. Also using fabric paint and a butterfly foam stamp I stamped a butterfly on each box.  I used the fabric paint for the 3-D effect and it stayed on the stained/varnished boxes well.  I received the boxes from an friend but similar ones can be purchased at a craft store.

While the girls were working, I took two of them at a time outside to make butterfly t-shirts.  I had purchased one shirt for each girl and washed it to remove the sizing.  Dark colors and all cotton work the best.  Put a plastic inside the shirt to protect the back.  The girls took foam butterfly shapes (2 or 3) and decorated the shirt.  Then I used a spray bottle and sprayed bleach on the shirt.  Wait a few seconds for the color change and then dunk the shirt into a bucket of cold water.  Rinse the foam shapes too.  I washed and dried the shirts when everyone was done and then put them in the butterfly boxes.  After the boxes were finished, the girls moved outside for the pinata.

The girls then returned to the craft table to make butterfly clips.  Before the party I had used fabric paint to draw butterflies on clear plastic (overhead projector type works) I used the plastic from 2 liter pop  bottles so it would have the curved shape.  I outlined the shape of the  wings and then drew inside so the girls could color in the spaces.  Once dry, I cut each butterfly out and then used  little clips ( 1 inch - alligator type from a beauty supply store)to make the body.  I used black fabric paint to paint one side of the clip and then hot glued them to the plastic butterfly.  For the antennae I bought the white wedding spray from a craft store and painted them black using fabric paint and a brush. The girls colored in the wings that I had outlined.  Gel markers or the new Crayola F/X markers work well.

Games:  Using directions from a family magazine, I had made a butterfly piñata.  I used a punch ball for the shape and then put two layers of newspaper strips on with paste.  Any recipe will do.  Let each layer dry for 8 hours.  Put 1 layer of white paper strips on and let dry.  Put hole in for candy and decorate.  I made butterfly wings from construction paper and taped them on.  Then I put a layer of black tissue paper strips on and let it dry.  I then used silver glitter fabric paint and drew a face on the piñata.  I filled the piñata with candy rings, candy necklaces, lollipops, mini butterfly slinkys and mini butterfly erasers. 

After finishing this, we did a different version of musical chairs.  We used a present that I had wrapped one time for each guest that was attending plus one more.  The girls passed the gift around until the music stops.  When the music stops, the girl holding the gift unwraps one layer.  I try to watch just to make sure everyone gets one turn.  For the final layer I hide my eyes.  In our gift I had butterfly magnets and butterfly "catch a bubble" that I had found at our local craft store.  The girls then proceeded to the table for lunch. To avoid seating problems, I had a basket of suckers with a foam flower on the stick of each.  Each flower had a number on it.  The number matched the number on a foam flower that was on the drink straw at each spot at the table.   I put a flower on each straw and then inserted it into a little bottle of juice to resemble a flower.  We served peanut butter or bologna sandwiches that were cut into butterfly shapes using a butterfly cookie cutter.  We had chips and Jell-O jigglers that were cut into butterfly shapes.  We also served applesauce.  After the food, the girls went on a butterfly hunt.  I had made stickers, using my computer,  of red, yellow, blue and green butterflies.   I purchased 4 different kinds of candy and attached a sticker to each.  The candy was hidden all around the yard and the girls were told they had to find 4 butterflies - 1 of each color. 

Cake:  When all of the butterflies had been caught, the girls returned to the table for cake.  I had sliced ice cream (the square half gallons) ahead of time and using my butterfly cookie cutter, cut it into butterfly shapes and froze each on individual party plates.  At cake time, I passed out the plates of ice cream and then a cupcake to each girl.  I had found butterfly sprinkles at a local cake decorating store.  I had also found rubber rings at a local party store.  The rings had a heart shape on them but nothing inside the heart.  I was able to find tiny butterfly stickers that fit in the heart.  I put one ring on each cupcake. 

After finishing, the girls moved into our family room to watch the birthday girl open her presents.  I took a picture of each girl with my daughter holding their gift.  By the time we were finished, it was time for the girls to go home. 

Favors:  We used the boxes they had decorated at the beginning as treat bags.  As the girls won prizes, they simply went over to their butterfly box and put them in.  The parents and the girls loved the boxes and the t-shirts.  The boxes are perfect for all the little treasures that girls love and the shirts resemble tye-dye.

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