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Nature Party 6yr - Infestation Time




Samantha in Moosup  CT  USA


May 2004


Special Mention

My six year old daughter absolutely loves anything to do with nature:  insects, reptiles, birds, fishing, gardening, nature hikes, etc.  You name it, she's into it!!!  For her sixth birthday (in June), we planned an absolutely wonderful "nature party". 

The invitation went as follows:   (On the front is a poem I wrote) "Bumblebees and honey bees, Flowers and trees, Lots of fishies in the seas, There's lizards, frogs, and turtles, too, Snakes, worms and slugs, eeeeew!!! The queen and her worker ants, Garden soil and it's plants, Butterflies fluttering by,  So many birds in the sky, All this nature brings,  And as we enjoy all these things,  There's one more thing to celebrate and that's -----------'s birthdate!!!    (on the back) BUG OUT WITH (NAME)!!!! Fly on over to:  (where) Bee there:  (date) Infestation time:  (start time - finish time) Buzzzzz me and say you'll come:  (parent's name and phone number) 

The party was in my sister's beautiful backyard-complete with a small fish pond and nature trails into the woods, bird feeders and birdhouses all around.  As guests arrived they each got a plastic rectangular bug keeper (Dollar Tree Store) to put all their goodies into.  The first event was a childrens swimming pool filled with water and toys, and bubbles to hide the toys.  Each child got their own net (also at the Dollar Tree) to "fish" something out of the swimming pool "pond" and put it into their bug keeper. They got to take the net home, too. 

Next event was a scavenger hunt- I had given each child a list with pictures of things they needed to find out in the yard and in the trees (i.e.  Sticks, worms, bugs, flowers from the garden, leaves off plants, etc.).  I had scattered plastic insects and other things before the party, making sure there was enough for everyone to get everything on the list.   Next they were off to a circle where they all sat and played "Pass the Slimy Salamander" (like Hot Potato).  I rubbed soft soap all over the rubber lizard to make it slimy.  The last person left in the circle got to keep the lizard.  Next we had a break for some "Bug Juice" (green Hawaiin Punch) and popcorn. 

Next event was "digging for worms".  I crushed up  twenty packages of store brand oreos and put it into plastic recangular planter boxes and hid lots of gummy worms in the cookie dirt.  I "planted" fake flowers on top.  I had placed them on a bench outside.  Everyone thought they were real.  I spread out two plastic green and white checkered tablecloths, put one planter in the middle of each, gave each child a small plastic, cup-sized planter and a plastic spoon and let everyone dig for worms (an edible treat to take home). 

Next, they were off to plant some real flowers, with more cup-sized plastic planters, potting soil and small plants I had purchased. Each child got to take their plants home. Next was pinata time.  I found a large Bumblebee pinata at a local store.  My husband nailed a plastic fly swatter to the end of a large thick stick and the children each got a turn to swat at the bee.  The pinata was filled mostly with plastic and rubber bugs, and insect toys, tatoos, stickers, and of course, some candy. 

Then it was cake time,  My sister made a sunflower cake.  She made a round cake, put it in the center of a large round platter, frosted it with chocolate frosting and placed chocolate chips (point-side up) all over the top of the cake.  Then she placed twinkies all around the outside of the cake to make the petals.  We put some small rubber butterflies all around the platter for an added realistic effect and spread out six candles evenly into twinkies. And for those who didn't like cake, I made a Slimy Swamp Pie made with a smashed oreo crust, vanilla pudding with green food coloring and parsley for "swamp plants" placed around the edges into the "swamp mud". I placed a small plastic frog and a small plastic turtle on top. 

After cake and pie, my daughter opened her presents. My husband and I gave her a real live leopard gecko and all the kids got to check it out.  Then we passed out the last of the favors.  I had a large brown wicker basket on the table (bird's nest) filled with silver and gold speckled eggs with glitter putty inside (Dollar Tree).  Everyone got to take a "bird's egg" home and a Butterfly jelly pop (found at the grocery store).  Everyone also got to take home a book about insects and inside was a book mark Thank You card.  I made book marks on the computer with card stock and I scanned in pictures of insects that my daughter drew and the words Thank You in her writing.

Everyone left with lots of stuff and a big smile on their face.  It truly  was a really great party!!!!!

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