Breakfast Pajama Party

Breakfast Party -7yr- Pajama Fashion Show




Laura in Deerfield, IL USA


August 2009



For my daughter's 7th birthday we did a breakfast birthday part at home. 

We e-mailed an invitation which was a picture of her in her jammies holding a bunch of cereal boxes inviting them for breakfast. 

Decorations were simply fun boxes of cereal all around the yard and house and balloons at the front door. The girls arrived at 9am and were directed to the backyard for a few starter activities until everyone arrived: cereal necklaces and bracelets. Another was my son and his friend ran a cereal taste test". We had eye masks as blind folds and they picked from 7 different fun cereals and had to name which cereal they were tasting...they loved it. 

Then when they all arrived and were done with the first activities we did a scavenger hunt for all the breakfast necessities.  We split into groups and they had clues to various locations (top of the swingset mailbox fireplace grill etc. and in each spot was a different item (cups plates bowls spoons).   They were excited running around and then it was time to eat. 

I set up a cereal bar (every type of sugar cereal I normally wouldn't have in big bowls with big serving spoons) fruit waffle bar (frozen waffles and toppings) juice milk and ended up adding bagels/cream cheese for those who didn't want too much sugar.  Coffee for adults.  They went back outside to eat on plastic "breakfast in bed" trays that I bought at Michaels Crafts and personalized with each girl's name in paint pen and the words:"Breakfast in Bed".  They loved the trays. 

When they finished breakfast we played "breakfast bingo" and I gave out cheap lip glosses for prizes.  After that I put out multi-colored sharpies so they could decorate their trays. 

Finally it was cake time and since it was 1015am I made a cake out of donuts.  I bought 3 dozen donuts that were frosted and sprinkled and built a pyramid which looked like a cake.  I put a donut hole in various spots to add dimension to the "cake" then put a donut hole in the hole of the top donut inserted a toothpick into a #7 candle and stuck it in the donut hole…it was a huge hit and there was no cake to cut-simply handed each girl a donut. 

At 10:30 the parents arrived and it was over!!!  Their favor was the plastic tray and lip gloss that they "won" (everyone received one regardless).  My daughter loved it-so did her friends-it was a ton of fun.  We had a few more activities planned but didn't need them as time went quickly. 

They had a PJ's fashion show passing out mini cereal boxes and finding someone with the same box then coming up with a "commercial" for your cereal and lastly a pajama dance to the birthday girl's favorite music."

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