Breakfast Pajama Party

Breakfast Pajama -4yr- Smiley Face Cake




Wesley in Austin, Texas USA


June 2002


Honorable Mention

Breakfast Pajama Party with Smiley Face Theme for 4 year old. 

Breakfast foods are my 4 year old's favorite foods and  Austin is so hot even at the beginning of the summer so we had a breakfast party from 9-10:30 a.m. and invited Emma's friends to wear their pajamas and eat breakfast.  We used a smiley face theme that I ended up selecting out of desperation but ended up being an adorable and easy theme. 

We made invitations by tracing circles from yellow poster paper, punching holes and putting two circles together with black curling ribbon.  We decorated the front circle with a traditional looking smiley face using a permanent black marker. 

We decorated using smiley face material for table clothes.  Old formula cans wrapped with construction paper and smiley face gift wrap served as centerpieces for the small child size tables by anchoring bouquets of smiley face helium balloons. 

The children had choices of toppings for their pancakes including whipped cream (the squirt kind), fruit, syrup and butter of course.  We also served sausage, scrambled eggs, small containers of yogurt, etc. buffet style. 

They played and ate and then we sang happy birthday and Emma blew out candles on her Smiley Face cake made entirely out of donut holes and cream cheese icing.  I used a 12 inch round pan and put donut holes in it using plain cake holes on top.  I dyed the icing with yellow icing gel and iced the entire top and then used black icing for the smile.  It looked adorable and Emma was thrilled. It actually tasted pretty good. 

For favors, we used yellow plastic disposable bowls that we had drawn smiley faces on inside the bottom part.  We filled it with an individual cereal box, a Juicy Juice box, a granola bar, raisins, and smiley face fruit chews (Wal-Mart brand) and a plastic spoon.  We wrapped the bowl with cellophane and tied it with black curling ribbon and a smiley face sucker.  The kids took this home along with a smiley face balloon. 

I thought of a lot of ideas for games -- you could easily turn a ball into a smiley face and Wal-Mart sells large plastic smiley face balls, but there was no need, it was cool enough for the children to play outside. 

Also --Oriental Trading Company had tons of smiley face favors, decorations, etc. but there was no need for this either.  The kids especially loved coming in their pajamas and a lot of parents said they had purchased a new pair especially for the party.  Parents also liked the idea that the day wasn't wasted for them by having to arrive in the middle of the day and no naptimes were disturbed.

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