Breakfast Pajama Party

Breakfast Party - Fried Egg Invite




Christina    in BAKERSFIELD, CA USA


May 2002


Honorable Mention

BREAKFAST PARTY  This party can be done at either a restaurant or at your home.  If you do have your party at a restaurant, be sure to call ahead and make arrangements with the management. 

INVITATIONS:  I made the invitations to look like a fried egg.  I cut white cardstock in a curvy circle and drew a circle on yellow cardstock (making sure the circle was large enough to put party information on it).  I printed the party information on the yellow cardstock, cut it out and glued it onto the center of the white cardstock.  The party was set at 9:00am at a local breakfast restaurant.  I also asked all guest to come in their PJ's and slippers. 

DECORATIONS:  Decorations were easy considering we were at a restaurant.  I put 4 purple (my daughters favorite color) and white helium filled balloons at all of the table that were designated for our party.  Each table was set with a carafe of orange juice,  purple napkins and purple cups. 

FOOD:  We had ordered the same breakfast ahead of time for each guest.  We had decided on pancakes, eggs, a piece of bacon, a piece of sausage, hash browns and toast to be served beginning at 9:15a.  Parents were invited to stay but they would be responsible for their own meal. 

GAMES:  Since we were in a restaurant, we had to make the games simple  (besides my daughter thinks that she is too old for party games) so we had a PJ and best slippers contest, a bedhead contest and gave a prize to the person who ate the most and the fastest. 

PRIZES:  All of the contest prizes were fun and morning related…We gave away a toothbrush and toothpaste (fastest eater), a package of pancake mix and spatula (biggest eater), a hairbrush and hair accessories (bedhead contest),  and frilly and fuzzy eye covers for a good night sleep (best PJ and slipper). 

CAKE & GIFTS:  After breakfast, games and prizes, the gifts were brought in and cake was served on purple plates.  My daughter was in a center table so everyone was able to see her open their gift while they were eating cake. 

GOODIE BAGS:  Goodie bags where a small backpack purse (I made these for about $1.50 each),  inside was a scented lotion, body spray, and body glitter (purchased from the dollar store).  I spent just under $5 per girl and there were 10 girls.  I also included a thank you for coming card inside that my daughter had prepared prior to her party.  This is a great party for older kids who think they are too cool for "little kid parties".  It allowed us to do little preparation for a great party and everyone had fun!

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