Bratz Party

Pretend Sleepover (6-7yr) Pass the Nail Polish




Kelly in Ridley Park, PA - USA


May 2007


Honorable Mention

My daughter decided she wanted to have a sleepover - (well, I wasn't sure I was ready for 6-7yr olds sleeping over. So, I took a couple different ideas and came up with Bratz - Pretend Sleep Over". Of course she liked the Bratz at the time.

So I made up invitations on my computer & put pictures of the Bratz Girls on the front w/ you are invited to a COOL party(and used the language that the bratz girls use)inside I gave all the details - You are invited to JAMI'S HOUSE for a "PRETEND SLEEPOVER" the party starts at 9AM till 12 - Wear your favorite PJ's and bring your favorite stuffed animal and join Jami for a FUNKY time.

We decorated our living room with all the girls sleeping bags(they were put in a circle)Everyone sent them to me ahead of time..I had pictures of all the bratz girls blown up and we used silver and purple streamers and hung them from the ceiling and had pictures of the big lips all over. We also hung silver stars from the ceiling and also from my fireplace. We had a runway made up from the front of the fireplace for our show at the end of the party. I also found some of my daughters Bratz dolls and used them as decorations on the tables and each one of the stations had balloons with a ceramic pocketbook holding them down(I got these at a dollar store).

On the door as you come into the house we had a bulletin board saying WELCOME and I took all the bratz girls(with each girls color of hair)and pasted their head on the bodies of the bratz and pasted them on a popsicle stick with each one having the individual girls name...As each girl arrived dressed in their favorite pjs slippers and stuffed animals even some of the moms that decided to stay dressed in their favorite pj's and of course I had my favorite pjs on &  even the cook (my husband)got in the party mood and put on his favorite pj's and Eagles slippers.

As the girls started to arrive- They  got a paper with her favorite bratz girl& they sat down in a circle& colored the pages till everyone showed up.I copied these off of a Bratz site on the computer.  The first game that we started with was the "PASS THE NAILPOLISH" around. It was played like "musical chairs"but whoever had the nailpolish in their hand when the music stopped - painted a toe & the first girl who painted all their toes won a prize. Next we decided to eat - the menu for the party was french toast sticks pancakes Dunkin donutholes cinnamon buns OJ milk and apple juice We also cut up some fruit in a big bowl..My husband was the cook and the kids loved the menu and it was very easy to serve too.

Now that their bellies were full we decided to break up into groups - I had 4 stations - 1 for a craft- We made sunglasses w/rhinestones(hearts stars etc)which I bought at Michaels the next station was manicure station where the girls got to pick a color and get their nails done(I couldn't of did this without the help of my mom friends who stayed)and the final station was tattoos(I purchased them through Oriental Trading and they had lipsticks sunglasses etc).

Now it was time for the cake and of course we had a Bratz cake - we sang happy birthday and they enjoyed their cake and then it was time to open the presents - Jami opened her presents. I went around and took pictures of each girl so that when we sent out our thank you notes each girl got a picture of themselves with their pj's on as a little gift from the birthday girl.

So now it was time for our show. I had a big basket of boas gloves crazy hats beads. We broke up into groups of 3 and each girl got props and we put on the music and let each of them have a show. They had a ball using the microphone and hamming it up with the music. Then we all just decided to get up and dance to the music. 

I decided for party favors that I would use little pocketbooks(bought at Michael's)I decorated each one with purple and pink boa material put each girls name on them with pink and purple writing ink(purchased at Michael's)also added stickers with compacts lipsticks combs brushs and a picture of a bratz girl. I filled them with wax lips compacts(paper)and lipstick(pens) keychain(high heel) necklace and bracelet candies and tattos little bottles of nailpolish and lip glosses(bought at Walmart for 88cents.

My daughter said this was the best party she ever had..and that everyone was talking about her party at school the next day. She is already talking about next year and what we are going to do for her "8TH BIRTHDAY."

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