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Bratz Birthday -7yr- Sponge Water Relay




Maria in Whittier, CA  USA


Sept. 2003


Honorable Mention

Bratz 7th Birthday Party.  This past August I had a Bratz themed B-day party for my daughter.  Since there aren't any cartoons on the Bratz', I incorporated "being a star" into the theme. We decorated the tables with the Bratz tableclothes and with huge bouquets of fushia hearts, Big red lips, and purple and turquoise foil star balloons and same colored latex balloons and star and lipstick shaped confetti. Very pretty, shiny and exciting. I weighed the balloons down with old hand bags I found at the second hand stores.   

I put out all kinds of beads for the "wait for the guests to arrive" activity. The guests were able to make bracelets and necklaces, I saw some of the adults making them too.    

Then in a different part of the yard, I had the E-Z up tent up with white netting w/stars on it draped on the poles to resemble a salon and a round table with make-up accessories. I called it the "Make-up Session". I found the cutest fold-up plastic mirrors at the .99cent storesin the shape of sun flowers ,in pink & purple- they were perfect.  The girls sat in front of them and applied lip gloss, eye shawdow self- adhesive earrings& jewels, and girl themed tatoos. Really cute- and the girls were putting tattoos on their bellys too. I put out lots of q-tips and tissues. so not to spread germs.   

After that we played a game I found on this site. It is like hot potato, but it's with nail polish. the girls sit in a circle and I gave 3 girls a bottle of polish to go around the circle. When the music stopped whomever had the bottle had to paint one of their toes and on and on. Until one of the girls had a full set colored. Prizes were glitter body gel in shape of ice cream cone.(from Wal-mart. on clearance for .50cents ea.   

They also played a sponge relay game, which they liked alot, that we played it twice. You picked teams each team gets one sponge runs to a bucket filled with water soaks the sponge up, runs to another bucket and squeezes the water out.Whichever teams has the most water is the winner. Prizes were Bratz folders.  We also had a bouncer where the girls played freeze dance with their freshly made up faces.We took lots of pictures.  We also played bingo.   

For food, my daughter asked for pizza, also had hotdogs, we had chips and dip, carrot sticks, apples slices w/ caramel dip. We rented a snow cone machine and the girls took turns making them. After that we opened presents and cut the cake.

For party bags, I found the cutest gift bags resembling purses, (most of favors from Oriental Trading) in each bag, I put a marabou tip pencil in pastel colors of pink,blue and lavendar,  a velvet covered notebook in matching colors as pencils,a diamond shape ring pop, more tattoos,a friendship bracelet, big lip whistle blowers, a sheet of Diva stickers and a key chain in the shape of a groovey (70's style )platform shoe, (a lucky find),a pair of sunglasses, a homemade star-shaped cookie on a stick in pink and purple icing and some candy. All wrapped up in shredded tissue paper. All the girls enjoyed their bag, and when they left everyone was saying it was a good party. Even the parents. 

I hope my ideas help someone to get creative, this site has helped me very much. I believe the secret to a well organized party is to start planning at least a month in advance, so that you can shop the sales and order online and research sites like this one. Happy planning!!

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