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Danielle in Piscataway, NJ


August 2003


Honorable Mention

Bratz Theme Slumber Pool Party  My daughter wanted a Bratz, slumber, pool party this year.  Not too specific!  I thought the Bratz theme would be easy considering how popular the dolls are but it seems that there really is not much out there!  So we improvised and I think everyone will always remember it! 

I decorated the house with all the Bratz theme plates, cups, tablecloths etc. that you can now buy at party stores.  We still needed some more decorations so we used my daughter's many posters that come with the Bratz dolls.  They really added to the theme.  We started the party off by coloring place mats with pictures of Bratz dolls on them.  I got the pictures from a coloring page on the web, but you can also copy them from a coloring book.  We pasted these onto construction paper and used pinking shears to decorate the edges.  This kept all the girls busy until the other guests arrived. 

Once everyone arrived we played pin the slippers on Chloe.  My mother drew a picture of Chloe on poster board that she copied from a poster that came with the sleepover Chloe doll.  That was perfect!  She made 10 slippers too to pin on Chloe.  The girls swam after this but it's a good thing we had so many other things to do because it began to rain.  We then ate pizza and had juice. 

We decided to do a craft since it was still raining outside!  We made necklace pocket books from a craft kit that I purchased from Oriental Trading.  They were in animal designs which my daughter's have told me is "true" Bratz design!  We had a "lip" pinata that the girls also enjoyed very much.  I am told the lips are also a trademark of Bratz!  I made sure I put individual bags inside the pinata so no fighting would occur! 

For the cake I made a lip shaped cake from a Wilton pan (which you really don't even need to know how to do, just frost the cake red).  I then put a mini Bratz doll on top of the cake for decoration.  She was the one that came with the beach chair, towel and umbrella so she was perfect for the "pool" part of the party!  I also made lip jello jigglers out of red cherry jello.  I filled a cookie sheet with red jello and waited for it to harden.  Then I cut out using a lip cookie cutter.  These were really a hit.  It then came down to the "slumber" part of the party. 

We played many slumber party games:  Musical sleeping bags, guess who's inside the sleeping bag (everyone hides in someone else's sleeping bag and someone has to guess who's inside), we played favorite things (you type up questions on paper like: Favorite color, Favorite animal etc.  Have all the guest fill them out when they arrive.  Have one person read them and all the guests try and guess who it is.  We even had a pajama fashion show! 

We painted the girls nails in all differnt designs from a book called Nail Art By Sherri Haab.  I highly recommend this book as the girls loved the nails!  The girls were all doing each other's hair while we did nails so I think this was actually the quietest moment of the evening.  We didn't get much sleep but we had a great time!  The guests were being picked up at noon so we had bagels for breakfast and we had a chance to swim again so the slumber, pool party did come to be! 

For favors I bought "Lip" makeup cases and filled them with new Bratz dolls from McDonald's (you can find these on Ebay!), lip whistles, wax lips (yes they still make these!)all from Oriental trading.  I also included lip lolly pops and lip glosses from a local party store.  My daughter even found lip design washcloths from the dollar store.  Needless to say all party guests were very pleased. 

The final thing we gave was Bratz Hershey Bar thank you notes.  These were also purchased on Ebay personalized.  They are wrappers that you wrap around regular sized Hershey bars.  We gave each guest the thank you on their way out because we may be good at parties but we always seem to be late with the Thank you notes! 

I hope this help's all of you who are trying to put together a Bratz Party! GOOD LUCK!!

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