Bowling Party

Superhero Bowling -6yr- Signed Bowling Pin




Amy in Westbrook, Connecticut USA


February 2006


Honorable Mention

Bowling Party - Superhero Theme 6th Birthday for Boy  For my son's 6th birthday, he decided he wanted an all boy Superhero party at the local bowling alley.

The invitation sent out was a photo post card with a picture of Justin (my son) dressed in a superman style costume with a bowling alley background. We did this on photoshop on the computer with pictures of the costume and background from the internet and these were a huge hit. We invited 10 boys from his kindergarten, and his brother. 

Having a bowling alley party was great. The bowling alley supplied all the tableware including tablecloth, forks, spoons, and tablecloth all in bowling alley theme. To add to it for a superhero theme, we brought in a bouquet of superhero mylar balloons for the table and Justice League party hats and blowers.

When each child arrived, we got them their bowling shoes, and then each child received a hand painted superhero shirt. I painted these superhero shirts by hand, having traced coloring pages off the computer of various superheros on to each shirt. The shirts were regular white undershirts bought 6 to a package at Walmart for $5.00 and bought in size medium. I used fabric paints and markers to bring some color to them and put little colored stars all around the pictures. The kids LOVED having their own superhero shirts and also because the bowling alley was so crowded, it made it easy to spot a child if they wandered off.

We had 3 lanes with 4 children each. The children played one game which took almost an hour with all the fooling around. There was a "black light" room off to the side of the lane and the kids loved running around in there to see their white shirts light up.  When the bowling was done, it was time for pizza and sodas which came with the party package. After pizza, each chid received a little plastic baggie with some quarters in it (bag decorated with Justice League stickers) so they could play in the alley's arcade.

After playing in there, it was time for cake. I had my son make his own cake. It was a large chocolate sheet cake made with 2 packages of Duncan Hines cake mix (so moist!) with chocolate frosting. In Wal-mart, we had found mini Marvel superheros that were perfect for cake decorations and also used Wilton's red & yellow lettering that were perfect Superhero colors plus we used blue, yellow and red m&m's for a border (this was great pattern practicing for my son). The kids couldn't eat the cake fast enough and it was gone in a few minutes.

After cake, it was time to go..the 2 hours went by really fast and upon leaving each child received a "justice league" goody bag filled with individual packages of "cheese nips", a black superball, a sheet of Spiderman stickers, a Spiderman mask and a Justice League pencil.

Everyone had a great time and the bonus from the bowling alley was an individual bowling pin that we had everyone sign - what a great souvenier for Justin. So here is my advice for anyone wanting a bowling party..don't invite too many children - 12 was more than enough. You need to have one person to each lane to help guide the children so they don't cut in front of each other. Bringing quarters for the arcade was a great suggestion someone had told me to do because the children automatically seem to expect you'll have money to play.

I was just going to do nametags but the t-shirts were wonderful for 2 reasons - #1 it was a thankyou gift to the guest, - #2 made it easier for us to spot the children because with using just a name tag, with all the parties going on, we never could have told the difference between all the kids.

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