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Bob the Builder -4yr- Fill the Dump Truck Relay




Terry in Parker, CO usa


November 2001


Special Mention

For my son's 4th birthday he wanted a bob the builder/construction party. 

I made some invitations on the internet because Bob the Builder merchandise was not yet available. On the front I made a construction hat and said "Please come help Bob the builder and friends celebrate Braydens birthday" then on the inside I made a construction poem with a couple of pictures of construction vehicles. 

When the kids first arrived they each received a yellow construction hat (from any party store) and they were given stickers to decorate them anyway they wanted.  I included Barbie stickers for the girls and they were a big hit. 

For the games:  I formed two teams and each team had a dump truck and a pile of rocks.  The first team to fill up the dump truck with the rocks using a shovel and to push the truck in and out of tiny bicycle cones would win. 

The second game was put Bob the Builder in the drivers seat of a back hoe (another version of pin the tail on the donkey).  I purchased a back hoe wall decoration and made a 4 inch bob the builder from the internet and printed him.  I cut him out with each child's name underneath it and used clear packing tape to laminate it.  Then I put some scotch tape on the back of him and gave each child the one with his/her name on it.  Then they had to put Bob in the drivers seat.  They had a great time doing this and because their name was already printed on it, it was very easy keeping track of who the winner was. 

Then for lunch, I printed a bob the builder picture on a 3 1/2 by 3 1/2 label and put each child's name on it and stuck it to a brown paper bag.  Inside I made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, small potato chip bags, an apple and a juice box.  This was supposed to resemble a construction workers lunch.  It was so easy because I made them the night before and clean up was a snap. 

For the cake, I made a chocolate 13x9 cake with chocolate frosting.  I bought some construction cones and KEEP OUT, CONSTRUCTION WORKER A AT WORK signs from a party store and placed them on the cake. I used chocolate sprinkles to make a road and used white piping icing to make the lines in the middle of the road.  I lined the road with the construction cones and used crushed Oreo cookies to make a pile of dirt and put some new loaders and dump trucks by the pile.  It looked just like a construction site. 

Before the party ended, I gave each child a construction apron, that I received free from the local hardware store.  I used puffy paint and wrote each child's name on it and drew a tool on each side of his/her name.  We tied the aprons on each child and then went to the backyard for the dump truck pinata.  Each child was able to put the candy and small construction toys in the apron and use this as their goody bags. 

The party was really easy to put together and the kids had a great time.

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