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Blue's Clue's -1yr- Blues Ear Headbands




Stephanie in Florence, OR, USA


February 2002


Special Mention

For my son's 1st birthday we had a Blue's Clues party.  I had 16 children (ages 1-7), and 15 adults.  I printed Blue invitations from nickjr.com. 

For party favors I bought a red pail and yellow shovel set (Fred Meyer .99 cents) which looked exactly like shovel and pail.  Then I hot glued googlie eyes on both and drew eyebrows and a mouth on them.  Then to stuff the buckets I made Kool-Aid play-doh using blue Kool-Aid and rolled it into palm-sized balls and put them in little zip-lock baggies.  I bought little bottles (all blue) of bubbles at Bi-mart then printed off a panoramic picture of Steve's house with Steve and Blue and all their friends in front of it.  I taped this around each bottle of bubbles. 

Then I made handy-dandy notebooks.  I used construction paper, a hole punch, and red pipe cleaners.  I found a picture of the thinking chair on the web, then printed them off onto red construction paper (I got 5 to a page).  I cut these out and glued them on green construction paper cut to the size I wanted.  Then I laminated the covers.  I punched 4 holes in the top of each, and added 3 sheets of yellow construction paper, then one more green for the back.  I ran the red pipe cleaner through the punched holes and viola!  I got some chunky crayons at the store and put one through each of the "spirals" on the notebooks. 

Then I made "Blue" ears.  I got cheap headbands from the store.  I drew a pattern of Blue's ear on cardboard and 2 circles and cut them out.  I traced the ears onto sky blue felt from Wal-Mart and cut them out.  Then I traced the 2 circles on royal blue felt and cut them out.  I then fit the one whole spot on the right ear (like Blues) and used the other spot to cut in half and put on the upper right ear and the lower left ear.  Then I hot glued them to the headbands.  These turned out even better than I thought!  I also got some Blue's Clues stickers and put a sheet in each bucket, as well as some Blue's fruit snacks.  The kids really enjoyed the favors. 

For decorations (this was an indoor party) I drew several large characters from the show (shovel, pail, tickety, slippery soap, mailbox, mr. salt, mrs. Pepper) on cardboard, then cut them out and decorated them with construction paper to look like the real characters.  I hung these all over the house, on windows and above the fireplace.  We put light and dark blue streamers all over the living room and dining room.  My husband filled helium balloons and tied curling ribbon on them so that they filled the living room and dozens of strings hung down everywhere.  We also had a couple of Mylar Blue's balloons for decoration. 

For food I made hot 'dogs' in a blanket, puppy chow (chex mix), blue sugar cookies in the shape of dog bones, chips and dip, and a veggie platter.  For the week before the party I had been freezing blue Kool-Aid in little ice cube trays and putting them into Tupperware so that I would have enough ice cubes for the party.  I made blue Kool-Aid punch and floated frozen blueberries and blue ice cubes in it. 

I got a Blue's cake pan from Wilton and decorated the cake just like Blue in her birthday video.  I also made a paw print cake (2 9in. Cakes with 4 cupcakes in front).  I decorated the table with a Blue's tablecloth and all the plates, cups, napkins, and cutlery (all from Wal-Mart).  Then I set the food out with the cakes to the back of the table, and laid the dog bone sugar cookies all over the table so that little ones could grab them at random. 

While the kids ate, I played Blue's Birthday Party on the TV.  For entertainment I made a CD of Blue's music from different shows.  We played 'hot Blue' where (like hot potato) the kids passed Blue around until the music stopped.  We played pin the paw on Blue and had a treasure hunt.  For prizes I got a Blue's Clues memory game, a blue punching balloon, and a Blue's Clues treasure hunt handy-dandy notebook.  All-in-all, this party was a lot of work, but the others kids had such a good time and people who weren't even there have come up to tell me they'd heard about it!  It was sooooo worth it!

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