Blues Clues Party

Blues Clues Party -2yr- Red Velvet Thinking Chair




Annette in Diamond Bar, CA, USA


January 2006


Honorable Mention

My son just turned 2. He is in love with Blue's Clues. There are some things out there but, not a whole lot. 

The invitations were personalized and puchased at birthdayinabox.com.  They had a cute invitations that had the thinking chair and all kinds of different colored shapes all around the border.  That was the start of the theme.  I found a company called Awsome Bounce that had a blue dog bounce house.  I placed this in the front of the house so everyone knew were the party was. 

On Nick Jr.com you can print out your own copy of Blue's pawprint.  Using my color printer I printed out about 25 paws, cut them out, and had them laminated. I used duck tape to tape them on the driveway as people walked up. It led them to the game tent where there were more paw prints for a game of "musical paw prints". For toddlers standing a paw print with a parent is much easier than sitting in a chair.   

In the rest of the back yard, I rented tables, chairs, and umbrellas. In the middle of each table was a cardboard cut out of Blue (that you can buy at any party store) and I weighed her down with baggies of beans. Up the pole of the umbrella I bought ivy from a craftstore like Michaels and some wooden shapes (like the ones on the invitations). I painted them all and drilled little holes at the top. I strung clear sting through them and tied them onto the ivy…making my own shaped ivy.  Also, in the middle of the table was a white ceramic bowl ($.50) from IKEA with bone shaped sugar cookies.    In the middle of all of the adult tables there was one childrens table. 

The birthday boy sat in his very own authentic Red velvet Thinking Chair. The rest of the table was surrounded by little blue plastic chairs ($.99) from the the $.99 Store. I used paint pens and decorated each boy and girls name on them.  On the seat was a character from Blue's Clues. 

Everybody was fed "hot dogs" and other summery/toddler friendly type foods (mac n'cheese, chips, vegetables,and salad).  I found a large bucket and pail at a toy store and painted  a face onto it.  That was pail.  And spray painted the shovel Yellow and put a face on it. That was shovel.  We put the macaroni salad inside of pail with shovel sticking out from the top. 

The Cake was amazing. A very nice lady at Albertsons copied Blue's Face onto the cake. Then I requested 2 small 8" round cakes with blue frosting and 8 cup cakes to match. We place on round cake (chocolate) with 4 cupcakes above it to look like a paw. We did the same thing with the other cake (yellow) on the other side and put the 1/4/ sheet square cake (white with strawberry filling) in the middle. Not only did we have enough cake without breaking the bank but it looked really cute.  

During the party "Blue" made an appearance and played games with the kids which, was the best thing I could have done ($150 for an hour and they bring the prizes and play the games) because I actually got to sit back and enjoy the party. 

The kids did play one last game before they left. For $.10-$.15 each you can buy gold fish. For $1.00, I bought cute small glass bowls for them to go in. I also bought blue rocks (2 lb. bag $3.49) and blue ribbon ($.99) to decorate them with. With a package of ping pong balls. Each toddler got to throw their ball in a bowl to see which fish they got to take home. When they left each child left with there very own chair, a gold fish, and a goodie bag complete with their own handy dandy notebook and crayon.  The bounce house stayed for the entire day so kids come and go as they pleased. It also broke up the traffic a little bit.  The kids loved it! And planned properly with a little creativity it didn't cost a lot. My biggest items were the entertainment (Blue) and the bounce house which could be eliminated very easily from a budget but, still have a terrific party

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