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Blue's Clues -2yr- Clues Invitations




Angela in Bethpage, New York, USA


October 2004


Honorable Mention

For my Son's Second BDay Party I decided the theme would be Blue's Clues since he loves the show sooo much! I made invitations with my computer using different cliparts. I printed 3 sets of clues invitations that due to not enough time I mailed them out in the same envelope, and a couple of days later I mailed out the actual invitation.

The clues were:

# 1 I printed a postcard with a cake and a blues clues paw print on it and it read: " Blue left you a clue, do you see it? A birthday cake for you and me!!  Two more clues you need to find  to figure out what Blue has on her mind!"

# 2 I printed a postcard with a bunch of balloons and a blues clues paw print on it and it read: " It's clue # 2! There are so many balloons you see, now you need to look for clue # 3!"

# 3 I printed a postcard with my sons photo and a blues clues paw print on it and it read: "Sit down in your thinking chair and think, think, think... What could Blue want to do? Come to a Birthday Party! But for who?" 

The invitation went out a couple days later: I printed a greeting card with Blues clues sitting on the red chair (in the front of the invitation) and it read: "Did you figure out Blue's Clues? Yup! You're right, Nicholas' having a Birthday Party!!" And inside(on the right hand side ) the party's information, and on the opposite side it read: "You'll have lots of fun, there will be games to play and prices to win, cake and ice cream too!! and all around it I placed a cake, ice cream and present cliparts. I printed the mailing labels and return address labels for the first invitation with blues clues paw prints, and the mailing labels and return address labes for the actual invitation using the same clipart used on the invitation (Blues clues sitting on the red chair). I had the party at my house and inside since it was a little chilly that day.

I had 30 people and among those there were 8 kids in which 5 were 2 years old. So i had to think and make sure I had enough things for them to do; otherwise they were going to go nuts!!!

So I had all blues clues décor, and had some BC (Blues Clues) window clings that I taped onto my dining room wall since it was empty (due to just had painted the room a couple days before and did not have time to buy décor), I had all BC party goods, I even had little blue bowls on the tables with different blue shades of mm's (that I got through their website) pleople loved the touch!! I opted not to have the whole menu as BC, the only thing I had in BC's were the mac 'n cheese.

The indoor activities were:  - BC Coloring Pages (That I printed from Nickjr.com) - BC Sticker Collage - BC Temp tattoos and toys. The cake was a sheet cake that I got at cotsco for $14.99 (serves 48) and applied BC toys as cake top, I also made 47 cupcakes (1st time ever made them, and by the end of the night only 3 left!) I could not find a BC camera, but I found a camera that has Bday messages.

The Favors: I got light blue and pink gift bags that I bought at Party City for .81 cents, I placed BC stickers in the middle of the bag to give a little touch, and inside I got from party city: BC straws, BC notebook with crayon, BC stickers, BC lollipop, Bc party blowers. I spent a little but it was so worth it to see the kids face when they opened it. I also had this book that people sign, where I added a BC sticker on the front and every year gets replaced with a sticker of whatever theme I'm planning for that Bday. It's a nice souvenir that my son can read back one day when he's older.

The thank you's were same as the invitation (BC sitting on the red chair) with a wallet photo size of my son's picture with the # 2 and 2 BC stuffed animals that I took from Sears.

Every one loved and had lots of fun even the adults!!!, and the most rewarding thing for me was that I had these 2 years old in my living room for about 6hrs and they were sooo good, no cries and fights!!! And also was nice to see my son having a ball!!!

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