Blues Clues Party

Blue's Clues Party - Home Made Blues Pinata




Rebecca in Jacksonville, FL   USA


August 2000


1st Runner-Up

A Blue's Clues Party  While waiting for all of the kids to get there I had them string Froot Loops on dental floss to make a necklace.   Then I passed out mylar party hats that I got 6/$1 at the Dollar Tree and had them stick stickers on them (metallic stars, and then had them glue on Blue's Clues confetti that I bought at Target); on the end we taped a large Blue's Clues cardboard figure that came in the confetti to a toothpick and inserted it into the hole.   You could just glue on a pompom or skip it entirely.   I made a "Pin the Flag on Mailbox" game from colored paper and covered the mailbox and flags with contact paper to make it more durable; my kids still play with it (I used the teacher's tacky stuff to "pin" them on).  

I bought a dark blue fabric remnant and made six bean bags.   After I sewed them up (except for adding the beans) I drew a paw print on each side of the bags, then painted it in with lighter blue paint and after it dried, outlined it with a black permament marker.   I bought a red pail at Kmart (back in the hardware type stuff; has a rope handle) and glued on eyes and mouth for Pail and had the kids toss them into it.   For some reason they loved this game.   I also made paw prints and covered them with contact paper and added velcro to the pad so the kids could roll one of those fuzzy balls over them to pick them up.  

I made a Blue's Clues pinata from toilet tissue tubes.   This was my own invention (I wanted one that you didn't have to whack to open!) so I'll try to explain it; there may be a better way to do it and you could adapt it to any theme, but mine was kind of like a lot of 'crackers' put together:   I took a toilet tissue tube for each child and covered each one with dark blue tissue paper; tuck it in at the top and leave excess on the bottom and tie it in a knot with curly ribbon; leave it hanging down long because this is what they will pull.   Staple each of the tubes together at the top into a square or rectangle.  

Cover the 2 sides with pictures of Blue printed off a web site and the ends with a smaller picture of Steve and Blue (I did a rectangle).   Punch holes in the corners and run more ribbon through them to hang it.   I kept mine empty and hanging until right before the party because I wasn't sure how heavy the candy and stuff would be.   Right before the party, I hung it and poured the candy, stickers, tattos, etc. in through the top.   I tried to divide it evenly and I had each child pull a ribbon individually to release the goodies; you could do it all at once but these kids were 2-4 yrs. and I didn't think it was a good idea).  I also printed out coloring sheets of Blue and set out crayons let them color in between activities.

For goodie bags I bought the slick blue lunch bags at Target and my oldest daughter outlined and cut out a large pawprint out of light blue paper for each one and we put each child's name in the middle of it and glued it to the bag (she also drew and cut out LOTS of paw prints out of both dark blue and light blue paper that we stuck around the room and on the tables.   We took light blue and dark blue crepe paper and twisted it together and hung it from corner to corner with the pinata in the middle.   Along with other party goodies I put a pack of BC gummy fruit in each one.   And my mom found BC sticker books for 80c each so each kid got one of those.

For a cake I made the BC paw cake (The recipe was on the BC applesauce from Mott's).   You make one layer cake and 4 cupcakes (I made extras to feed all of the kids) with the BC applesauce which turns it a bright blue and frost them with blue icing.   My middle dd had several figurines from Blue so I put those on and around the cake along with "Happy Birthday"...I think I put the candles in the cupcakes.   I bought a cake board from the cake decorating store and covered it with foil and colored saran wrap to put the cake on.   I just had plain vanilla ice cream but I guess you could color it too.

For food we had pepperoni pizza (I bought it on sale :0); hot dogs might have been a better idea if you really want to eat Blue!   I bought a small red sand pail and a yellow shovel and drew on faces with permanent markers and used them to serve potato chips with.   I had red plastic cups for drinking out of and drew faces on them as well and taped yellow spoons with faces on them.  . I think that's about it…all I remember anyway!    Rebecca

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