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Beauty & the Beast - Rose Cupcakes




Anna in IL, USA


March 2005



Beauty and the Beast Party

Make the invitations with pink or red construction paper and buy Belle or Beauty and the Beast Stickers. Write: You are invited to a Beauty and the Beast Party! Wear your best Beauty and the Beast apparel, and come to _________ house and have a great time. RSVP and address are included also. 

Games- Belle's Rose Hunt The rose hunt needs some artificial roses. Hide them throughout the house and have the kids find them.  Character Charades Have pictures and the name of the character on an index card and put them in a basket. Have the kids act out the character until someone catches it.   Beauty and the Beast Treasure Trivia Ask simple questions and if the kid gets it right give them a prze. Maybe a tiara, plastic jewelry, and pencils. 

Food- Belle's Rose Cupcakes or Cake. This can be a chocolate cake with little roses put on them.  Magic Mirror Punch. This can be just water with Kool Aid. Have the kids watch as you turn the magic mirror water into punch. 

Activities- Have Beauty and the Beast coloring sheets printed out for the children to color.  Lumiere,Cogsworth, and Mrs. Potts Puppet Show If you have a clock and a candle stick and a teapot put them on the counter and have three people act as them and reenact one of the scenes. 

Goody Bags- Put their prizes in there, stickers, tiaras and jewelry.

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