Beach Party

Beach Party - Beach Vollyball & Balloon Pass




Cindy in Riverbank, CA, USA


April 2007



Do you want to have a fun beach themed party? Well I've got just the right idea. And, don't worry, it doesn't have to be in the summer!

INVITATIONS--For invitations, you can do it 2 ways. 1 is you can tear off the paper of water bottles, put a little sand in there(you can buy some instead of going to the beach), and write your note and stick it in there. It could be just like those message in a bottles in the ocean! You could also get a mini beach ball(at the dollar store)and write the information on that!

FOOD--Who doesn't love a party with a variety of great food? Well, you can put blue food coloring in cream cheese in a medium bowl to make it look like the ocean, and sprinkle colorful goldfish to make it look like tropical fish. Also, put that bowl on a bigger plate and put celery stalks and Fritos Scoops to fish". For main courses you should have two different ones for a variety. You can have Spaghetti and Volleyballs(Meatballs) and Hawaiian Pizza or Hula Hamburgers and Surfing Hot Dogs. For the cake you can have just a regular rectangle except for here's the twist: you can decorate it like the beach! Like on the bottom half you can spread graham cracker crumbs to resemble sand and on the top half you can put blue icing for water and white icing every here and there for waves. Or you can just go to a restauraunt and tell them the cake you one(you could go to Dairy Queen). You can also buy or bake sugar cookies and decorate them with icing to resemble beach balls. I'd call them "Beach Ball Sugars".

GAMES--Bring on the fun!!! One old time favorite is Beach Volleyball! You can also play Balloon Pass. What you do is pass the water balloon like it's a hot potatoe and whoever doesn't catch or drops it is out. The remaining can get a prize or just nothing. You should have beachy or hawaiian music to get people in the mood. You could have a hula hoop contest for who can stay hula hooping for the longest. Near the end of the party you could have a little scavenger hunt. For the hidden things you could have it to be candy or seashells and anything from your imigination! Some people might get bored waiting for the rest of the guests so you could set up a craft table. You could decorate from sun visors to necklaces! But the last few guests won't get as much time to so you could set up a time to finish your crafts.

At the DECORATIONS--Don't you want your party to be flashy and decorated? Well you've come to the right place! You can buy bright color balloons or just white ones and color or paint them to look like coconuts/pineapples. You can lay beach towels and chairs sunblock umbrellas and beach balls around to make it look more beachy. And if it's not too expensive or messy you could pour sand. *My advice I would put a mat or cloth before pouring the sand.* You could also put signs around like "Lifeguard Not On Duty".

GIFTS--You could use seashells candy mini beach balls if you didn't use those as invitations sunglasses sunblock sun visors and you could use a pail for the goodie "bag". I hope you like my idea. If you do you should try it! I hope all goes well!!! Thanks!"

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