Beach Party

Hot Hot Beach Luau 1yr - Sand Bucket Favors




Jennifer in Houston, TX USA


February 2001


Special Mention

My son has a summer birthday and since we live in Houston, it's hot, hot, hot so for his first birthday we had a beach luau.  It was a huge hit! 

Invitations - I made up the invites on the computer.  I found beach clipart and printed all the info on cardstock with a color printer (4 to a page).  Then I took the cards to Kinkos and had them laminated.  I inserted each card into a leakproof ziploc bag, added some sealife plastic beads (from Oriental Trading), then added a little blue tinted water, zipped them up and hand delivered. 

Decorations - I purchased a half dozen inflatable palm trees, a dozen beach balls, fish net, and plastic fish from Oriental Trading and placed around the back yard.  We put out 3 baby pools and had the beach balls floating in them along with duck and fish squirter toys.  All the grownups received Hawaiian leis upon arrival. 

Food - we catered most of the food from a local BBQ restaurant.  But we had set up a tropical drink stand out in the yard.  I set up two blenders.  One for fruit smoothies served in small clear cups (with an orange slice and cherry on the side of the cup) and the other for fake lime margaritas (limeaid and ice).  These were served in plastic champagne glasses with a straw that had a tissue palm tree.  The kids loved their drinks. 

Activities - mostly the kids swam or played in the several sprinklers set up, but we did one craft activity.  I purchased two dozen of those sand art necklaces  from Oriental Trading.  But instead of sand (goes with the beach theme), we used pixie stix candy.  This candy comes in 5 different colors.  I gave each child an empty necklace and 5 pixie stix.  They simply tore off the top and poured into the bottle necklaces (no funnels needed).  They layered the colors how they wanted and exactly 5 stix fit into one bottle.  And the best part…they were edible. 

Centers set up around the yard - We divided the yard into different areas to resemble a beach.  I made several signs and posted around..for instance I set up a large canopy tent for some shade and put salsa and chips under it and some chairs (we named that the Snack Shack).  I set up a table along the fence for towels, purses, diaper bags, etc. (we named that the Locker Room).  Our big wooden play fort was decorated with fish net and plastic fishes - I hung a sign that said Lifeguard Not On Duty.  The palm trees were scattered around. 

Cakes - We had a sand castle cake, a beach ball, and a smiling sun (all made from Wilton cake pans). 

Party Bags - I purchased sand castle buckets and shovels from the dollar store.  I filled with beach related party favors from Oriental Trading and gave each child a fish or duck squirt and a beach ball. 

Thank You notes - I always take a picture of each guest at the party and put in the thank you cards.  This party I had each child (or sibling group) stand next to a palm tree - very colorful and fun.  A beach theme is fun for any age.  I hope these ideas help.

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