Basketball Party

Spurs Basketball Party -10yr- Ball Cake




Michelle in Marble Falls, TX USA


April 2007



My 10 year old son loves the San Antonio Spurs NBA basketball team. 

For his invitations, I made official looking invitations" using the Spurs logo and writing: The San Antonio Spurs would like you to join them in the celebration of the recent acquisition of Rookie Sensation (Son's name) * 10 on Sunday at the AT&T practice facility located at (our address).  Wear your silver and black Spurs gear and bring your basketballs.  Are you ready for this!?!?  We had 8 boys total. 

When they arrived I painted their faces with "Go Spurs Go!" or a picture of a spur or their favorite player's number etc. 

For games we played horse but instead of spelling horse we spelled Spurs.  We played "stuck in the mud" which is basically freeze tag except the person who is it has to be dribbling a basketball the entire time.  We played "drop in the bucket" where the boys had 24 seconds to shoot a ball in a series of buckets for prizes.  Then they got a chance to shoot the special bucket (Spurs trashcan) for a cool prize (okay it was $1).  We had a shooting contest to see who could shoot the farthest shot. 

We played "Dribble Knock Out' (every boy has a ball and is dribbleing in a square they are trying to knock the other boys balls out the last one in wins a prize.)  We played "name that Spur" just answer questions by getting clues to who we were talking about. 

We played a version of hot potato except you could pass the basketball in any direction when the music stopped you got to give your present to the birthday boy. 

We had a race between 2 boys at a time.  They had to run up and put on a large pair of shorts run and put on a large Spurs jersey run and put on large tennis shoes run and put the ball in a bucket. 

For prizes we had NBA gummie candy Spurs pencils Spurs koozie Spurs cup spirit bonker sticks (the koozie cup and spirit sticks we got for free at a Spurs game) light up bouncy basketball and "Oberto" beef jerky in honor of player Fabricio Oberto.   

For food we had popcorn and skittles to munch on.  I borrowed a ball cake pan from a friend and made a complete sphere which I decorated to look like a basketball and put the Spurs logo on it.  Plus we had "black and white" ice cream (Chocolate and vanilla).  To drink we had gatorade (just like the Spurs drink during the games.)  

The entire party was outside.  We set up a table under a canopy and decorated with silver black and white streamers balloons and extra spirit sticks.  Each boy had his chair labled with a special "Spurs sign" with his name on it.  That way he had a place to put his prizes during the party. 

For their goodie bags after the last Spurs game we attended we collected several plastic cups from people who left them.  Plus the lady at the door gave me enough extra spirit bonker sticks for every boy.  We added silver and black shreds NBA gummy candy a basketball whistle and a picture of the coyote. 

The boys all had a great time and I think my husband wants to do it again for the playoffs this month.  ;-)  Of course if you're not a Spurs fan you could change up the prizes and ideas for your own favorite basketball team.  But Go Spurs Go!"

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