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Phillies Party -7yr- Baseball Pinata




Sonja Rae in Langhorne, PA


Jan. 2004



Our son Trevor was turned 7 this year and he really loves the Philadelphia Phillies. So we threw him a Phillies party.

For school I made cupcakes, I made them white and drew red lines like a baseball. Then I took white paper and drew pennants and put a Phillies P on it and taped it on to a toothpick and put it on the cup cakes. The kids really liked them.

For his birthday we took him to the game. Had them Punster him. (Which is confetti and sing happy birthday to him).

For his birthday party I made my own invitations by getting white blank cards and for the front I copied the Philadelphia Phanatic with a bat and a big baseball so it looked like he hit it far and it was coming at you. Inside the ball I typed Your invited to Trevor's Phillies Party! Inside the card I laid it flat and did the following: I put the whole Take me out to the ballgame song around the sides to make the border. Then I centered the following. Player: Trevor.  Where: Trevor's Field Located at: I put our address. When: the time. The time of our party was 3 hours.

We planned it when the Phillies Game was scheduled to be on so we can have it on t. v. Equipment needed: Wear your favorite team, and bring a baseball glove if you have one.  Food serving during the game: Popcorn, Cracker Jacks, Hot Dogs, Soda, Cake, and Hat sundaes. (Which I bought mini Phillies baseball helmets from Dairy Queen at the time, I also have seen helmets at the games, some party stores and websites). Please RSVP to the following coaches: my husband and my name with our number. . And then I clip art Baseball gloves and bats in the corners. It came out great. On the envelopes I bought a stamp with stars on it and stamped it red and then I did blue across the seal of the envelope.

I decorated the house buy hanging red and blue streamers; I hung his shirts, jerseys, hats, helmets, and pictures, all on the walls through out the house. I also made a sign for the yard that said Trevor's Field and A Free Parking sign and my husband Helped them park just like the games. I hung curly ribbons off the trees and Hung the pinyata out side also. On my windows I bought the Crayola markers that write on windows and wrote go Phillies. Happy birthday. I hung red, white and blue lights in the windows I bought for 4th of July. Also I had star garland that was red, white and blue going up my steps. I bought these from AcMoores. On the tables I bought these fountain stand baseball theme (Party store), I put shiny confetti all on the tables and baseball cards all over. I used baseball plates, red forks, blue spoons. And red, white, blue napkins. I also bought glove bowls from the party store, and baseball helmets and laid them out with snacks.

As the guests arrive we made sure everyone had their names on their gloves.  I gave everyone a plastic bag with their names on it for their prizes. I made a music Cd from the albums I have such as jock jams (all containing baseball game songs you hear them play at the games. When we played the following games I used it as the music and when the guest arrived. It got the kids pumped up. When they arrived I had a big table set up with foam pennants I cut out, markers, glue and a bucket of baseball shapes I also bought at AcMoores. The kids then made pennants for themselves.

When the entire guests arrive we then played the games.  I took a big box and put a couple big prizes in them for the main winners. (I bought when there were sales so it didn't cost that much) I had 22 kids so I divided them in half to play the following games.

First I had half of them stand on one side of the drive way and the other half on the other side of the driveway. One side I gave them Cans (I used empty formula cans but u can use any type of container as long as they are all the same size.) On the other side I gave them bags of cracker jacks. They had to toss them in to their partner can, which was directly across from them. The side with the can had to catch them but no one could touch the drive way or they were out. The team with the most cracker jacks in the can in 3 min.  Won. The 2 winners picked from the box, and every one also received a glow in the dark bounce ball.

The 2nd game I had them divide in to 4 rows. Long ways on the driveway. Put their arms up so they were an arm length away from each other. I then filled 4 contains from the game before with water, and gave 1 sponge to each row. The object was to wet the sponge pass it down and ring it out in to the empty can with a line in it. I gave 3 min. to do this the group that filled it to the line first won and picked from the box. Everyone also receive a sticky hand. 

We then played baseball in the backyard. I bought bases from toys r' us. We used a bat and whiffle ball. My husband pitched and I was empire. It was a lot of fun. We also did pass the present around. I wrapped a shoebox and cut a hole. Put little toys from the party store inside. Played the music and passed it around when the music stopped the person got to pick something out of the box. No peeking. Everyone received a prize.

We then ate some hot dogs and then had the cake I made it by using a helmet and sprayed paint food color green on it and drew a field on it), and the sundaes vanilla or chocolate ice cream with sprinkles). Threw out the party my husband carried a plastic tub that I glues clip art to such as hot dogs, popcorn, soda. That was filled with chips, popcorn, candy bars and sodas for adults .He went around saying popcorn, candy, chips, and soda. Every one thought it was funny and got a kick out of it.

After we ate we played stick the ball on the Phanatic bat. I went to Office Max and had the picture I have of the Phillies Phanatic blown up. I made baseball stickers from using sticker sheets and a baseball clip art. I wrote everyone's name on their sticker. I blind folded them and spun them around and the stuck them on the picture. For the winner the picked a prize and everyone also receive a sticker with the Phanatic  on it and it said go Phillies and a baseball tattoo. 

We did the pinata outside I put a plastic tablecloth on the ground so everyone could see the candy and toys inside. The pinata I made from a balloon. I got the instructions from family fun. I used white paper on the last layer and painted red lines and a big P on it. We used a wiffle bat to hit it.

Unfortunately the party had to end but not with out the party bags. I bought red, blue, white bags from the party store when they were on sale. I cut out a ball and drew lines with puffy paint and glued it on the Corner of the bags, and tied them shut with curly ribbons. I put the following in it: whiffle ball and bat (Dollar store some dollar stores if you ask if you can order some they will), crayons, some activities sheets I copied from an activity book we bought at the game, big league chew gum (Bjs), pencils with baseball toppers I made of foam and pipe cleaners, a baseball cup party store have to watch when they go on sale). Tattoos, stickers, baseball gumballs, cracker jacks, candy bar (Bjs) and a copy of the cd I made and put a disc label with the Phanatic on it and Trevors 7th Birthday! So the kids can listen to the music when they want to. Also They took their helmets home also after we washed them.

The kids had a ball! They talked about it for weeks! Don't forget to take pictures. For the thank you cards I used the Phanatic picture with him holding a flag and typed in it Thank You! Inside I typed we would like to thank u for coming to the game. We hope you had a ball! Thanked them for what they gave him. Then it read We hope to see you next Season!!! I hope what I wrote will help you have a homerun party too! To save you money you really need to plan ahead and buy the sale  though out the season. (Target and Walmart).

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