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Barbie Swan Lake Party - 6yr - Cookie Decorating




Broussard in Lafayette, Louisiana  USA


September 2004


Special Mention

September 18, 2004: My daughter's 6th birthday party theme was Barbie Swan Lake.

Invitations were mailed out 2 weeks in advance and were printed on Swan Lake imprintable invitations as follows: You are invited to Princess Micah’s 6th Birthday Celebration  Micah needs help decorating Princess Cakes, Enchanted Forest Cookies and Playing magical kingdom games  Please join her in the fun & festivities Saturday, September 18, 2004 4:00 to 6:00 pm (our address) (our city, state) (Micah’s House)  Enchanted sandwiches will be served RSVP    (our phone #) 

I had a 20 ft X 20 ft. canopy tent top up in our back yard as it was 94 hot degrees in September. The canopy was decorated with Swan Lake streamers, posters, pink & white streamers, balloons, and had tables covered in light blue plastic tablecloths/covers. The tables were set up in a U shape.

I had made in advance miniature Barbie/Kelly doll cakes and had them iced with base pink icing (using some cheaper version Kelly dolls from Wal-Mart). I'd also made large (7 inches in diameter) Swan cookies, Unicorn cookies, Castle cookies and Crown cookies. And I'd made "unicorn horns" from small sugar cookies, sugar cones and M&M's. The girls got to choose a doll cake, shaped cookie and unicorn horn to decorate. The boys got to choose a shaped cookie and a unicorn horn to decorate. I had a variety of colors of icing tubes, and 2 kinds of Barbie sprinkles and colored sprinkles for them to use decorating their treats. Some of the kids ate their cookies or unicorn horns after they decorated them. The unicorn horns were filled with M&M's. They all enjoyed this entire activity greatly! We took pictures of all the children while they decorated their cakes to use to mail with their thank you notes.

The children then played a unicorn ring toss game. I'd gotten a stuffed unicorn and some rings for this game and they enjoyed this. We then brought them to play a Pin The Horn on the Unicorn game. They had a blast with this too! After that we had a Barbie Swan lake pull string piñata which each child got to pull strings until it broke. I'd given each child a small brown paper bag for putting their treats in. My daughter's 13 month old baby brother was the child that pulled the breaking string for the piñata and all the children got the treats from the piñata.

We had a large Swan Lake cake with the Barbie in it for my daughter. All of the girls brought their little doll cakes over to the cake table, and we put a Barbie sparkle candle in each little doll cake and 6 sparkle candles in my daughter's big cake. We sang Happy Birthday to her, and then all of the children blew out the candles on the small cakes when my daughter blew her candles out. We then served everyone cake and ice cream.

After that we brought all of the children together and let them each release a balloon as an offering for a special wish for everyone to have a great year.  I had made Barbie Swan Lake candy bar wrappers and put them over Hershey's Cookies & Cream candy bars. They had a Barbie Swan Lake picture and written on them Happy Birthday Micah and her birthday date on the front and the following on the back: Ingredients: One happy birthday girl, surrounded by her friends and family, mixed with love, laughter and lots of fun!  We gave one of these to every adult and child. I'd made Barbie Swan Lake homemade picture diddy bags for each little girl with a Barbie Swan lake bath fizzie set, the clothes for the doll in their doll cake, a Barbie toothbrush (to brush away all the sweets of the day), Barbie swan lake rings and a Barbie swan lake blower. I'd made Castle & Unicorn homemade picture diddy bags for each little boy with a boys toothbrush, boys adventure bath colors, small paint set, and birthday blower in them (decorated with boy colors/pictures). I'd made diddy bags for the 3 babies that came with a child's cartoon picture of a unicorn with rings over his horn on the bags, a baby's toothbrush and a small stuffed unicorn in them. We'd had peanut butter & jelly sandwiches (kids) and chicken salad sandwiches (adults) and chips for eats during the party.

The party was a huge hit with the kids and most adults commented they had seen such an activity involved theme party before. My daughter has mild autism and has made tremendous progress over the past year. This was the first year that she asked for a specific theme for her birthday, so I wanted it to be a memorable one. I felt it was a huge success and most memorable for my daughter, all of the children, friends and family there. Thank you for providing the opportunity to share birthday ideas!

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