Barbie Party

Barbie Tea Party - 7yr - Tea Set Balancing Game




Sara in Miami,Florida,USA


May 2003


Honorable Mention

Barbie Tea Party!

For my daughter’s 7th birthday party she wanted a tea party!

I started by the invitation: When looking in different stores for ideas I discovered that Barbie took out a new line of Tea Party Barbie Party set. Everything was great; I just wanted a different invitation. So at the local toy store I bought a Barbie tea set (2). I placed the tea cup, plate, spoon, a small real tea bag bought in the supermarket, and with a matching thin ribbon I placed the printed little invitation printed on my computer it was  a small card that said: Hear Ye!, Hear Ye! Please come join Kelly for tea! We'll have sugar & spice and everything nice! Six thirty is the time, my home is the place! May 23, 2003 Dress in your tea party best..Cheerio!!! With the clip-art I added a teacup pic. The letters were also in a pretty cursive print. I cut each little square invitation with curvy scissors, made a punch hole and with the ribbon placed in the tea cup handle. Wrapped everything with a tul a material that looks like the ones used for ballet outfits. Wrapped complete with small bow and hot glued a pretend daisy flower. Hand given to every girl they all loved it you could read the message inside and keep the tea cup as memory item.

Next the location; For us at home was great because our home has that country old fashion look to it! I put my two coffee tables as long kid’s tables and just cut to size the regular store bought pink table cloth. Placed lace dollies for each guest and a place card to write name and place a picture later taken. The place card frames are from the Barbie tea party set. For table arrangements I bought at the local Wal-Mart after Easter some pastel color bird houses and watering cans for only $1.00 each. I placed some wafers in the centerpieces for décor. The place settings were the set of Barbie to stay with the same décor. The chairs I got from the school, in which I work, in light colors and I just added a pink ribbon around the back to each. Play platters also of Barbie were placed on the girls tables and I placed lady fingers and cookies. Fruit punch was in the tea kettles to pretend. For the mommy’s we did make real vanilla almond tea from Barnes and Noble(very good).

I also ordered some Cuban Spanish treats like " Meregitos (pastry made of white frosting), croquetas, papa rellenas, and little ham and cheese finger sandwich. The cake was from Wal-Mart Bakery with Barbie décor and I added a Barbie tea cup and kettle. The birthday cake table was a small play table my girls have, I covered with pink material and lace with a ribbon in the front, behind I put more lace hanging and white Christmas lights to accent the look! Every girl had a picture taken with an old Chinese umbrella made of material I found at a thrift store. Also some pictures were taken of all the girls making a tea cheer with their pinky fingers real high up fancy!!! In the Birthday cake pic. All the girls wore their hats.

After cake the girls played a great game sold also by the Barbie tea party set. It's a Barbie carton box picture of her stand and she holds a carton tray each girl places all the different stuff on it that it brings to set the tea set tray. Winner the one that doesn't tip it!!! The winner's gift was a Barbie camera all gifts were Barbie or tea related. The gift baggies were cellophane from Barbie tea party set I placed in it: Barbie stickers, and I found Barbie wallets at a local dollar store and I put rings, Barbie candies only! We also had a table to paint our nails and one to do their make-up! Ideas for pictures: I used black and white film to make it more old fashion looking. For the gifts to be placed I put by the door a large basket trimmed with a lace real dolly. Guests would come in and place gift and next to it I placed my wooden coat hanger for everyone to place their hats. The music was different children songs and one tape that has my daughter's name in the lyrics. Found in the Birthday Express web site! The tea party was great everyone loved it so much can't wait for the photos…

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