Barbie Party

Vintage Barbie Party - 7yr - Barbie Doll Contest




Mildred in Silang, Cavite Philippines


November 2010


Special Mention

It was my neice's birthday and since she's already 7 years old her mom wanted to give her a party in a limited budget. This is gonna be her first party ever. My Niece love pink and Barbie, that's why we decided to give her a Vintage Barbie theme party inspired by Barbie's 50th birthday celebration. Here's how we did it.

INVITATION: I took the celebrant's photo using our digicam and white cloth as a background. I then used the photo in the invitation layout that I made with a hot pink and black and white polkadot design on the side of the invites. I also downloaded a Barbie font that I found online and used it on the card. It was a two piece invitation, on first page I put the celebrant's photo in a close up shot but only half of her face is showing. I put Come on we can't wait! Stephanie's turning 7 and she wants to celebrate! Wear some pink and bring Barbie or two! It's a Barbie Birthday bash for me and for you! There will be Ice cream cake and lots of games too. Don't forget to bring your Barbie she can come too! We can't wait to see you there!" and on the second page I placed another photo of her wearing an oversized shade and there I put all the party details such as the venue date and time as well as the number of her parents for RSVP. I was able to find this hot pink gross grain ribbon in my craft box which I bought few years ago but never been used and so I added it in the card. I also happen to have a spare sticker paper that I used in my previous project and used it as sticker for the envelope with the hot pink silhouette Barbie design.

DECORATIONS:  We bought 1 pack of size 12 pink outdoor balloons in Divisoria Market (about 100 pcs per pack) for about Php 350 pesos ($8.16). From 100 pcs balloons I was able to come up with two column balloons which I placed in the stage that we made and the remaining are hang at the center of the party area using nylon cord and in different length together with the spare white balloons that I had in the previous party that we hosted. The stage background is made of black trash bag which I found in our kitchen cabinet and added some foil wrapper that is cut into small pieces for sparkling effect. I also made some party flag using gift wrapper and colored paper (art paper). The party flag is a combination of polka dot black and white wrapper (in a smaller and bigger dot) and 2 shade of pink art paper (a darker and a lighter one).I also hang some tissue paper pompom that I made in the food area in shades of pink and light pink. I made 3 large and 4 medium size pompoms and hang them from the window using nylon cord in various length. I also added a HAPPY BIRTHDAY banner (used from a previous party) and hang it underneath.

FAVORS: As for the goodies instead of typical plastic and paper bag which cost a little expensive including the toys and candies that you will put in it. I decided to use a take-out box and added some hot pink satin ribbon for girls and navy blue ribbon for boys and finished it with polkadot Barbie/Ken sticker that I made. Inside I put 200 grams assorted candies (it's the same candies that's being sold in Malls for Php 50 pesos ($1.17) per 50 grams but mine is way too cheaper) I packed the candies in a cellophane bag and sealed it with colored wire before I placed it inside the box. I download the silhouette figure of Barbie and ken which I found online and used it for my sticker.

ACTIVITIES: We had programs for the celebrant such as 7 candles for her 7 Godparents who were at the party. Each participating Godparents will be provided with candles. As they light up the candles they will give their respective wishes to the celebrant. There were also 7 lollipop where 7 young boys from her guests will be given with lollipop and will have the chance to dance the birthday girl to the song of "Shine by Cassidy Ladden". We also have 7 Dolls for 7 lovely girls in the party.

Each participating girls will be provided with dolls and they will give their respective wishes to the celebrant. The dolls lollipop and pink candles are bought in DIVISORIA Market. All dolls are wearing the same outfit a printed black and white halter pencil dress and I added some hot pink feather ( a recycled material from previous event) across the shoulder of the doll for a more sophisticated look. Each doll costs Php 10 pesos or $0.23. As for the candle since we bought it in plain pink I added an inch of back and white polka dot gift wrapper around it. Finally as treat to the guests I made this life-size Doll Box made from our old Television box and painted it in hot pink outside and light pink inside the box. I also put a large BARBIE" logo in front and added the word "vivid and great in style" at the upper part of the box. I put a plastic cover in front to make it look like a real Barbie box. \Each kids have their turn to go inside the box and mimic Barbie and ken while my sister is holding her camera to take their photo.

GAMES: We had several games during the party such as BARBIE DOLL CONTEST in which we ask all the guests to bring their Barbie dolls as part of the party. During the party all dolls are lined up in a table with a plastic cup in each doll. All kids must vote using a piece of sticks that were given to them and they need to place it in the cup of the Barbie Doll that they think deserves it. Only one doll will win. Another is FIND YOUR KEN 4 pairs of paper heart cut into 2. The game is composed of 8 kids (4 girls and 4 boys) kids are line up into two. Each kid needs to get a piece of heart in the box provided by the host (the celebrant's mom). All of them need to find a piece of heart that will match to what they have. Only one pair of kids will win. We also had STOP DANCE where the host will play some music and the participating kids will dance but when the music stops they should stop too. Only one kid will win. And finally BRING ME GAME in which the host will ask for several items from the guests and the first one who could bring the correct items will win a prize. We also put 2 stickers with the celebrants name on it under one of the kids table and whoever found those stickers will win a prize. The party is not complete without "Breaking clay pots" (more like a piƱata but cheaper version) and Pabitin (Lattice of Goodies).

SNACKS: We served Ice cream cups (Dan Erics) hotdog sandwich and fries for the kids. For the adults we served some of the Filipino dishes such as Menudo(pork with tomato sauce) Pininyahang Manok(pineapple chicken) sapin- sapin (layered glutinous rice and coconut dessert) pancit malabon ( a flavorful noodle dish)and Iced tea for drinks.

CAKE: We bought a simple chocolate cake in one of the well-known bakeshop here in the Philippines (Red Ribbon)for $13.99. We added some cupcakes that we bought in local grocery stores for $0.12 per piece and we added some hot pink frosting in it and candy sprinkles on top. I also made tis cupcake topper made of lollipop stick and cardstock with a silhouette design of Barbie, Barbie logo silhouette shoes and bags. I also added some crytal embellishment on the topper.

COSTUMES: The celebrant is wearing a short layered empire waist dress in a combination of pale pink and black. The celebrant is also wearing a hot pink stockings underneath and black ballet flats.  "

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