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Barbie Princess & the Pauper Party - 5yr -Musical Chairs




Kim in Orlando, FL USA


April 2005


Special Mention

Barbie Princess and the Pauper 5th Birthday

This theme was perfect for my daughter's fifth birthday because she loves to play Barbies and she loves princesses.  We had a Disney princess party last year, so soon after Christmas we had decided on this theme. 

We created our own custom invitations by scanning in artwork from the box on the Princess and Pauper CD Rom game.  It said:  "You're Invited to _____'s Fairytale Birthday Party.  We listed the date, time, place, etc. and added "Your Hair will be styled in a princess 'do and be sure to bring a Barbie doll too."

The party was held in our home for my daughter’s girlfriends.   Before all the guests arrived I had written out small labels with the girls' names.  I placed one on the back of each of their Barbies in case there were duplicates.  I hired a person from a local theme park to style all the girls' hair.  She used colored hair gel, confetti and glitter topped off by tiaras that I provided.  The girls loved it!

I set a large banquet table on my screened in patio and covered it with themed table cloths.  Other decorations included streamers, balloons and tissue paper flowers in themed colors.   The hair styling was set up at one end of the patio using a kitchen bar stool and table with vanity mirror and hair supplies.  I set up the CD Rom game on a lap top on a kid sized table with two chairs for the girls to take turns playing while they waited.   I set up a craft on the banquet tables to keep the guests busy until they had all arrived.  I ordered a Barbie doll t-shirt decorating craft kit from Amazon so each girl could create their own doll t-shirt using stickers, glitter glue and gems that were included.  I placed each girl’s supplies on pink card stock with their names so they could be moved to another room to dry. 

Next, we played pass Serafina (the cat from the movie) like musical chairs.  I played music from the Princess and the Pauper CD while the girls sat in a circle passing the kitty.  When the music stopped, the person holding the kitty got to go get their prize until one person was left.  For prizes, I gave each girl a button with the Princess and Pauper on it and their name.  I made these using the same art from the invites and a make your own button kit from Oriental Trading Company.   Then we played Barbie Says like Simon says except each girl's Barbie had to follow the commands.  For example, Barbie says; make your Barbie hop up and down.  This game was a big hit and each girl took turns being Barbie/Simon.  For prizes I gave everyone heart shaped bubbles I got on clearance for $2.00 at Michael's.  I added P& P stickers to match the theme.  Everyone had a great time going outside to blow bubbles. 

Next we had cake.  I bought a Barbie doll cake from Publix with a real Barbie in it and cupcakes with P&P rings on top from Wal-Mart.  Next we played a scavenger hunt type game.  I divided the girls into two teams - pink and purple.  Each girl had to find one pink or purple bag (depending on their team) hidden outside.   Inside each bag was one item pertaining to either the Princess (pink) or the Pauper (purple) Barbie dolls.  After everyone found one bag they came back to the table to assemble their dolls.   Whatever was in the bag they found they got to add to the Barbie, i.e. crown, shoes, dress, etc.  I gave everyone P&P gummy snacks as prizes that I bought at Target.

Next, we did a P&P piñata filled with candy, body glitter, necklaces rings and stickers.  I had pre-labeled the treat sacks with each girl’s name.   Then the girls did another craft in which they decorated mirrors with stickers and gems purchased in kits from Michael's.  These were great because they could admire their new hairdos.  I thought they might be able to dress their Barbie’s in their new t-shirts and have a fashion show showing off their creations and hair, but all were not dry so I skipped it and put it with their party favors. 

Lastly, we did presents.  I had the girls sit in a circle and played music while they passed the presents.  When the music stopped, whatever gift my daughter was holding was the one she opened.  This didn’t work all that well, so we gave up and just opened them normally.  I purchased Princess and the Pauper backpacks that contained a comb, mirror and tiara (used on hair styles) on clearance at Toys R Us after Christmas for the party favors.  I put their piñata treat sacks, mirror craft, Barbie t-shirt and P&P coloring pages inside the backpacks for each guest to take home.    I was planning to use the coloring pages if I needed to fill time during the party, but they were not needed. 

Everyone had a great time and especially loved having their hair done.  The only thing I would have changed is possibly having the girls draw numbers to determine the order they would have their hair styled.  Some insisted on waiting in line instead of joining in on the games.  I don't think they minded though since they were so excited about having their princess hairdo.  Thanks to this site I was able to adapt many of the ideas to fit my theme for a party my daughter will not soon forget!

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