Ballerina Ballet Party

Princess Ballerina Party - Ballerina Bag Craft




Melissa in De Pere, WI, USA


May 2009


Honorable Mention

INVITATION:  I found ballerina slipper invitations at Target.  They were adorable!  

DECORATIONS:  Tulle, tulle and more tulle!  Becuase we had a lot of people invited, we used our garage to host the party.  I wanted to turn it into a ballerina princess wonderland.  I draped tulle with white christmas lights from the ceiling.  Across the tables, I wound tulle.  In the center of the tables, I had glass jars from IKEA that I hot glued pink tulle around the rim and then covered with a ribbon to look like the jar was wearing a tutu.  I then anchored a tiarra at the bottom of the jar.  The glass jars with tulle were filled with sparkly star wands that I got at Oriental Trading Company and had glued additionall tulle to them. 

I also made the same jars and filled them with pink colored candy for a candy table for all the little sweeties.  I also made a centerpiece using a cake plate that I wound tulle trough to look like a tutu and then placed my daughter's ballet shoes, a tiarra and a wand in the center.  I encircled tulle around the drink bucket and stand to make that look like it was wearing" a tutu as well.  I tied pink tulle to the back of the chairs to make those look like they were "wearing" a tutu.  I had two arrangments of pink balloons with one ballerina mylar balloon in each arrangement. 

ACTIVITIES GAMES COSTUMES:  We had a ballerina slipper pinata.  We also played pin the tutu on the ballerina.  I found a ballerina color page and blew it up onto posterboard and then colored it.  I cut out tutus from pink tulle and fastened them on construction paper.  I also had wooden cutouts of princesses from Joann Fabric's dollar aisle that the girls colored.  I "hired" my daughter's ballet instructor and she provided a quick ballet lesson for the kids using the frog prince theme so as to include the boys and girls.   

PARTY SNACKS:  For the adults we had spaghetti.  For the french bread I used a tutu cookie cutter to cut the bread.  I found pastel swirl bread at Easter and froze it for the party (1 week later)  I used the same bread to make PB & J sandwices for the kids.  I also cut those out with the cookie cutter.  I used a drink dispenser from Pottery Barn and made pink punch.  I wrapped pink tulle around the drink dispenser for the princess pink punch.  The kids loved it. 

CAKE:  I didn't have time to make a cake so I had that made.  But I did make cupcakes.  I found princess tiarra cupcake sleeves form hobby lobby and used those.  I used pink buttercream frosting.  I placed a ballerina cupcake pick on top that I found on Ebay - a ballerina princess cupcake :) 

FAVORS:  For the girls I made them each a "ballerina" bag.  I got white canvas bags from hobby lobby and hot glued pink tulle to the top to look like a tutu.  I used pink puffy paint to write each of their names on the bag.  In the bags were all items from the Target dollar aile - tutus wands tiarras ballet slippers.  I also found tutu purses from LTD that I filled with a ballerina slipper ornament ballerina bubbles bracelets tattoos etc. 

For the boys I found knight in shining armor items from the dollar store including helmets sponge swords chest plates coat or arms.  I found coordinating bags from the Target dollar aisle to put each knight's items in."

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