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Craft Competition -13yr- A Blind Judging




Jillian in Pompton Plains, NJ, USA


April 2005


Special Mention

Craft Competition 13 Years Old:  I love to craft, so I had a Craft Competition party for my 13th birthday!  We based the party on the show, Craft Corner Death Match, on the Style Channel. 

INVITATIONS:  We made our own invitations out of scrapbooking supplies.  We got smooth lavender paper and popcorn-textured (like ceilings) light blue paper.  We cut out a square from the lavender and a smaller square from the blue.  We put gold photo corners, which also works as glue,  on the blue and put it in the middle of the lavender paper.  We got a gold marker and wrote the information on the blue paper, "NAME would like to challenge you to a Craft Competition Birthday Party!  We will go to a craft store where our crafters will pick out supplies for their craft.  When:, Time:, Where:, RSVP:, etc.".  Basically very simple information.  We got gold stars and pasted them around the paper.  We also got stickers of people crafting and stickers of craft related words like "Sewing" and "Scrapbooking" and we put those around the paper.  Finally, we punched a hole at each corner of the lavender paper and threaded gold ribbon through.  We then made a bow out of the gold ribbon and sent it off! 

DECORATIONS: We put up lavender, blue, and gold balloons up.  We set up three tables: 2 small and one long one.  The long one was the judge's table, which had a gold tablecloth decorated with the gold star confetti used for the invitations.  The 2 small tables were decorated with either a lavender or blue tablecloth, also sprinkled with the gold stars.  

FOOD: We had plain pizza for dinner.  For dessert, we had a chocolate cake that said "Ready set craft!" and it had a picture of a can of paint and scissors, made out of frosting.  We had white frosting and we used food coloring to get the other colors.  We had plain donuts and cereal for breakfast the next morning, as it was a sleepover. 

THE PARTY:  The girls (5 not including me) arrived and we had pizza (dinner).  After that, we got into 3 groups of 2, which was done by each girl picking a colored sheet of paper out of a hat.  The two girls that got pink were on one team, the two girls that got purple were on another team, and the two girls that got gold were on the final team.  Then, we got out another hat that had 15 slips of paper in it, and each had a different craft on it, like "Scrapbooking for a beach vacation" or "Making a greeting card for Halloween". 

One person from each team took out a piece of paper from the hat and we went on to the next team until every team had five slips of paper, or five crafts to do.  Say one team got "Scrapbooking for a beach vacation".  The people on that team were going to compete against eachother while making a beach vacation scrapbook page.  While that team was making the craft, one team would be the judges, and the other team would be the audience. 

After we got our crafts, we went to our local craft store and each person went looking for supplies to make the craft.  However, you would not want to go shopping with your opponent because you don't want them to see what you are buying to make the craft.  We gave each person enough money to buy enough things.  For some crafts like scrapbooking, we gave less money because things like paper doesn't cost that much.  After a while, we all met back together and my Mom paid for all of the stuff. 

When we got back, each team picked a number out of a hat.  1 was the audience.  2 was judging.  3 was crafting.  If you got 1, then you would go to 2 next and then 3.  If you got 2, you would go to 3 next and then 1.  If you got 3, you would go to 1 next and then 2.  We told everyone the team 3 people's crafts and we let the audience pick which craft to go first.  We let the team 3 people get their craft supplies for that craft and we gave them 10 minutes to make their craft.  After 10 minutes, we gave the crafts to the judges.  The judges had their eyes closed so they wouldn't see who was doing which craft.  We let them judge each craft and whoever got judged higher got one point. 

THEN, we told the judges which craft was who's.  After that, we rotated so the audience wouldn't get bored.  We continued with this until every team had done their 5 crafts.  Each craft was 10 minutes so 10 minutes times 15 total crafts is 150 minutes, which is 2 and a half hours, so that took up a while. 

After everyone had gone, the person who got the most points on their team won a $5 gift card to the craft store.  After this, we ate cake and opened presents.  Then, we played board games, played regular sleepover games, and watched movies like Napolean Dynamite.  In the morning, we ate breakfast and gave out their goody bags, which had 3 packs of Sculpey Polymer Clay and a Polymer Clay tool.  This was a FANTASTIC party, and all my friends had a lot of fun!

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